You have to interview a candidate for a job, and when the person arrives, you notice that she is covered with tattoos. What do you think of it? Will this affect your judgement about her skills and how you see her as an employee?

Anno 2019 Tattoos can be fine though:

  • What does the company want to emit
  • What is the typical customer profile of the company
  • What function are you going to have?

And as the most important

  • Who is the person
  • How skillful is he/she
  • How conscious is he of the impression of the tattoos and how they present themselves during the application

Will the presence of tattoos an influence, yes!What do I think of it? Usually super, it is an expression of individuality and personality.

Will it affect the perception of skills?

  • Is in demand skills
  • Lies to site sting an amount of tattoos
  • Is on how a person prepares

No totally not.I worked in England, where my team had lead 45 tattoos. When I left the road she had just made a promotion to manager.

(unless it were Nazi tattoos, that would be another story)

I would only find an objection if they have to work with demented elderly people.They can be difficult to relativate and for the older generation tattoos were often taboo and associated with crime and sailors.

Otherwise it does not matter to me and I would assume you.I think that prospective physicians will only be discriminated against for the time being. The sector is very conservative, especially those who decide at the moment whether you are being hired.

Not that she has them.She does but, if she is suitable for the function. For my part she wears purple underwear with blue and red dots.

But if they are going to be exaggerated they are showing: so of “Look at me to have sticky plates” and “you have to accept me as I am”, then it says something about her ability and judgment.
And about her will to really have that job or to have an insight into between human relationships or the will to make it run smoothly.

And that says something about suitability.

Not everyone will like this.Tattoos will be quite a way to express your individuality. But as an employer, you usually don’t have to wait for employees who need to express their own individuality wherever necessary, but you are looking for employees who can contribute to a goal, result and to a team. Now equally extreme: a tattoo in the face, neck or neck is usually an indication for an employer that you are dealing with someone who is not even able to take responsibility for themselves, let alone for your company or organization.

There are of course branches where that is different (football, fashion, creatives etc.) But that’s really not the case everywhere.

A number of colleagues have tattoos and/or piercings.

Nothing wrong with that.Oh well, mode芒 鈧?娄

What I do have problems with: extremely Controversial 芦Le signals that are in the way of professional handling.

Then it doesn’t matter if you have that white power symbol or that very very on your forehead or on your T-shirt.Even just a confrontational mindset is probably for almost every function an immediate no.

Most HR specialists agree that being able to function well in a team is an enormously important feature and that bad in a team can function is a huge hurdle.

A little ink or a hole here and there says little about it.

However, if you walk around with the message: “I am different, you or that person next to you does not belong to you and I am inherently better than xyz”…

Well, then you are a very risky investment.

Sadly though.Visible tattoos in neck, face or on forearms and hands; You don’t do that if you want certain jobs.

No that would not affect me it does not mean because someone has tattoos that has no work experience

It will not affect my judgement on the applicant’s skills.It can influence my judgement on the way in which that candidate fits in with the job being applied for.

Those who adopt a certain lifestyle must also be able to take responsibility for the consequences of this lifestyle.Someone who is tattooed and dressed as a gangster, should not expect to be adopted in an exclusive men’s fashion store.

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