You have 150 euros every month for food, what would you spend it to survive?

150 for 1 person.That’s really a lot, especially if it’s only for food and not other resources. (Maybe I’m crazy though, but we have lived for 3 years at 250 per month with his 3-Tjes and there was also toilet paper, cat food, detergent and stuff in it).

Rule one, buy large in and with discount.See what’s on the offer in the week and take advantage of it. In addition, you create a priority list. What do you REALLY need and what is luxury and can you do without it.
37.50 per week doesn’t seem like much, but for 1 person you can really save it, if you keep it functional and accept that luxury is not on your list.

Rule two, plan ahead and boil for several days.Use what’s in the listing as a list and base your weekly menu on it. If you have little to spend you can’t afford to go to the store with hunger and spend ‘ too much ‘ on things you don’t really need. To get the temptation out of the way, I started ordering online at some point (ordering costs I exchange against ‘ no ordering costs ‘-provided there is actually something I use). On Monday I make my list, sometimes I put on there luxury (or unhealthy) things. Later in the week I just click that off again. Then I think to myself-that saves money and pounds! 😉 And I feel good at it. It’s a trick. For me it works.

Rule three, have discipline and disable emotion related to messages.When you have to survive on money, you have nothing to pity yourself. The food is functional-not for the fun or tasty. Not nice, but that’s just what it is.

In addition, it is good to keep an eye on your edition pattern.Important is just that you are honest with yourself in this type of situation. It sucks, but you do your best!

Oatmeal, half a kilo of suits, 15 pieces.CA 鈧?0

Half full yogurt, litre packs, 20 pieces.CA 鈧?0

Raisins, ponds suits, 10 pieces.CA 鈧?5

Rice, kilo suits, 5 pieces.CA 鈧?0

Beans, 15 pots.CA 鈧?5

30 onions.CA 鈧?

10 kilos of vegetables (brocoli, carrots, spercibeans, tomatoes, boiled beetroot, cucumber, celery, etc).CA 鈧?0

2 kilos potatoes.CA 鈧?

Small bottle of olive oil.CA 鈧?

10 eggs.CA 鈧?

This is together 鈧?02

鈧?0 Coffee, 鈧?0 milk, 1 honey, 鈧?5 fruit.

Where will I spend it on?What I normally also do + some extras. My budget is normally 80 to 100 euro/month.

What I eat?

Breakfast cereals and coffee

Even more coffee (free)

2 slices of bread + fruit

Even more coffee (free)

Homemade meal salad, chicken with rice and curry, brown beans, pasta with red sauce, soup, etc.Many of these are often vegetarian.


Ready: Pizza, lasagne


Sushi pick up as I treat myself occasionally.

So now I have money on it, so it becomes sushi more often.

I usually buy groceries at the Dirk, Aldi, Lidl or Hoogvliet and eat vegetarian more often than not.Saves a lot of money.

For 1 person?Or for 3, 4,…?

We are currently at just over 200 euros for a family of 4 and we are not short of anything.A summary:

  • Rice costs practically nothing and is healthy, versatile and fills well.
  • Tea you make in a large pot with 2 sachets of tea (IPV 1 pouch per bag)
  • Buy everything in bulk and divide over several months.
  • Buy things that are long lasting
  • Tap water is as tasty as bottled water

Just go to the Lidl, weekly.On your own, you can do it with the groceries, for 30 euros.

An important part I would spend for food.Further for gasoline for my engine and for power and gas. The rest goes to a charity.

‘, ‘ This is another example of such a question which, with all good intentions, is translated from English, but totally not applicable to the Netherlands or Belgium. If you can’t buy food in the Netherlands for 鈧?50 per month If you really try, then you have a huge hole in your hand or you are alcoholic.I think I’m currently sitting without it by having already been under 鈧?50 per month for food. This question I think originally relates to America, where groceries are more expensive.

“,” We go to Germany every month and we usually spend between 鈧?50-鈧?200 on food (for 3 people).We eat very well, and best luxury for that price. We would with little effort and little surrender that bring back to 鈧?50 or less.

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