Would you still eat so much meat if you had to slaughter the animals yourself?


But this question probably assumes that everyone eats a lot of meat.I don’t eat meat myself daily, and if I eat it, I usually eat a little bit of chicken. Occasionally I eat a burger, or for example carpaccio (once a month) and pork I like to avoid unless I eat Chinese (once every 2 months I think). I also limit the use of dairy products. Now I do notice that the less meat I eat, the less delicious I find it when I eat it again. In addition, I do not think the vegan alternatives look like, but in themselves they taste fine. I also feel less fit if I do eat a lot of meat one day, so it also has an impact on myself.

Family of mine used to have a chicken barn (broilers) and meat cows.In addition, I have a rear cousin who works in a slaughterhouse and I have also worked for 2 years at a butcher’s shop. So I know where my food comes from, and also know what the impact of meat consumption is on the animals and the environment. I would like to be aware of this, but occasionally what meat should be able to do.

Vegans themselves have a good point, but I think that it is still too much to be asked for the largest group of consumers to give up meat altogether.I think you get a lot more profit from a decline in meat consumption.

Really much meat I don’t eat.But professionally I have had to slaughter my food regularly. I also taught. Chickens, rabbits, pheasants, fish, wild boar, you name it.
Eating meat in itself is not so鈩?N problem.We are omnivores and we would not stand where we stand now should the Australopithecus afarensis not have been opportunist (subject to the fact that it is an ancestor of man).It is generally assumed that our brain capacity increased with the consumption of meat.
The problem today’s Day is overconsumption.

Well, if I were to slaughter animals coming from the cattle industry, or.Then I would like me now do not eat meat.

But if I could hunt and eat wild, I would do that.I am a vegetarian because I am opposed to the cattle industry. Mega Stables with thousands of pigs, hours of transport by road of live cattle, insufficient daylight, walking space etc. In addition, the industry is responsible for a lot of CO2 emissions and occupies a lot of space.

I am firmly convinced that people are naturally hunters and I would not find it a problem to hunt for themselves.After all, people are just animals that can function well in the system of nature.

I almost eat up to no meat.And no, in our modern society we can survive well without meat. Animals are not there to eat but to lead their own life as we people want.

I would also not travel over large distances if I have to control the plane.I wouldn’t do a lot of things if I had to put the arms out of the sleeves at the beginning.

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