Would you rather see foreign movies subtitled or dubbed? Why?

I was 4 or 5 when Ivanhoe appeared with Roger Moore on the TV.I couldn’t read it yet, but after a season I got into English and had a nice vocabulary of paraat. Well most words with a tendency towards knights, horses and villains, but still..

So no.The German equivalent: “Guck Mal, der Sherriff mit signals Sechsshooter kämpft mit those desperados.” Not quite my thing. Even though because the number of voice actors versus the number of characters is not balanced, so the voice of the sheriff you hear in the program after a spaceship driving. ‘ Mach es so, Colonel Data. Greift an! “

Monty Python dubbed?Eh? Does not become him. Spoken humor is not translated.

In short: keep it as it is.

Subtitles.In the years 90, most cartoons were still subtitles and it really has more advantages:

  • More voice actors, so it’s not like now that each cartoon has the same voices and sounds the same.
  • Availability of original language for nuance differences (especially when it comes to humor and emotions)
  • Practicing languages in non-formal way.
  • When it comes to news broadcasts, it is many times fairer to let the politician talk with subtitles than talking about them.

It comes to me as propaganda when a translator talks about it. How should I check if it is true what the news program told me? Foreign films I prefer to subtitled.So I experience the original feeling.

In addition, I am already conditioned to see a movie with subtitles.In fact, sometimes I miss words or even whole sentences in a film of which I speak the language well and understand. When spoken language is used, you swallow some syllables or sounds, especially when pronounced quickly. That’s why I prefer movies with subtitles.

I hope to have answered this question.Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).

Subtitled, without any reservation.Dubbing really doesn’t work for me.

Rather subtitled, because dubbed foreign films are not natural!You only have to watch a western on the German TV once to heal for good!

My mother is very visually sighted.But she still hears fine. For her, I would like to see more dubbed films and documentaries. I would like to offer my own preference.

It often depends on the language. Russian and Japanese I do not understand so dubbing in English is more enjoyable for me.And then in Dutch subtitles. 🙂

Well, English subtitles should also be able.

My problem is that I am somewhat hard of hearing and so spoken text is not always well versta.Only once again seen the movie prey I liked, but there was no subtitles because it is largely Dutch spoken. Quite annoying if you can not follow the conversation properly.Another film is Lucky Luke where I did not pay attention to the language spoken.I appeared to have bought the dubbed version. So no subtitles. And that’s bales because then I have to concentrate more on the speech.

I can read very quickly and write fluently in English and Dutch.(Well, almost.) Other languages less. This means I’d rather read what is being said than I’m listening. But in terms of choice, I often choose English subtitles, even if there is a language spoken.

So under the motto “Deaf and hearing impaired” I choose subtitles…

Subtitled, Absolutely.

This is Jack Nichsolson.

You may know him. Jack Nichsolson is one of the most award-winning actors in the world. He is one of the six people with 3 Oscars for acting and is very talented. Nicholson has one extreme herkenbaaar aspect, two if you count his sunglasses collection:

Nicholson has a great voice.One of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood, a deep voice that continues to resonate, although Nicholson left the room ten minutes ago.

Replace this voice with another voice, whatever voice, and you lose a large portion of the magic of his performance.

The same applies to the following people:

Do not replace these rich voices with those of other people.

The roles of these individuals are defined by their voices.

Subtitles.If something is dubbed, the image does not sound, and that really distracts me.

Furthermore, many actors and actresses have wonderful voices that I would not like to miss, such as Kit Harington, Chris Hemsworth or very characteristic such as Janice from Friends or Fran Drescher in The Nanny.

I find Dutch voices often sound terrible, so something nagesynchroniseerds for me is just terrible!

In addition, I learned English by watching television, that experience I really wouldn’t want to miss.

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