Would you like to be buried with your pet? Why?

Yes, I have fish, if there is a accidental dying right with me, then I have no objection to being burnt or buried together.Also applies to other beasts I might have, cat, dog, guinea pig, walking branch, Ratje or turtle. Two reservations:

  1. It should not lead to additional suffering for that animal;
  2. It should not lead to additional costs.

Why I would like to be buried with my pet?As I look at it, it is rather: why not? Two bodies need to be hygienic and a bit piegestable, and in my case not too expensive, be cleaned up. Why not combine that? That whole funeral world is rather opaque when it comes to invoicing, but I don’t think that an extra cost ‘ buried pet ‘ is being stepped up when my daughter snetters a dead neon tetra in my jacket pocket.

No thanks!
If I wanted to, I had been buried more than 8 times with each of my cats that died.
The question is whether you want to be buried with your pet, not whether your pet is buried with you!

Yeah yeah, it’s rags!
BTW, surprisingly I choose the surprise.

No, I’ve never really been a pet.

And, I don’t want to be buried at all.

Press of my remains but a mini diamantje.



My pet was a cozy Knuffelkat: He came to your lap, he greeted you when you get home, he was playful, also loved eRG a lot of food… Actually a crazy beast.

But be buried with him?He has already died, but if I choose, I wouldn’t really do that. I mean he was really great, though, but being buried with him is a little Te.

For comparison; Take a good friend, but not your best friend.You would often not say that you want to be buried with that person. This is also something like that.

So no, rather not.

The answer is short: No, I do not have the right to have the life of one of my friends.We had to have died together, with great pleasure, and pride.


I’d rather change it to ashes.


I wish my body to be used for one of the following reasons:

  1. To feed a large tree, such as a walnut.
  2. To eat an animal.
  3. To be used as fuel for people who are cold.

Personally, I do not wish to become a donor, as my physical body is apparently kept alive and I would still be hurt (may suffer).

I don’t want that last!

I don’t need to be connected to my previous life.Starting with a new slate is better.

I don’t want to be buried but cremated.In The Zoroastrian faith, the corpse is laid naked on a stone table, after which all sorts of scavengers have free access to eat the corpse. With pet or without makes no difference. Sky Burial. By the way, the pet must have just gone dead.


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