Would you buy a house near a nuclear power plant, if it was really cheap?

Only if it is a modern nuclear power station.

Is where that nuclear power plant stands and how old it is. The newer versions are resistant to natural violence, terrorist attacks and even more.A nuclear power station far away from the coast, tectonic fracture zones, volcanoes and in a peaceful area will not soon pose a threat. On the other hand, a fossil fuel plant causes millions of cases of cardiovascular disease and killing thereof and even more problems. I prefer to live near a new nuclear power plant than near a coal power plant.

In The Netherlands we are in the midst of the nuclear power stations of three countries, and close enough to the power stations of a fourth country.

The three countries: England, Belgium and Germany.The fourth country: France.

At Chernobyl, we can see that, if it goes wrong, its effects are far from being noticeable in the environment.So we were discouraged from eating raw spinach ‘ fresh from the land ‘. Chernobyl is not next door, but even that meltdown did affect our lives.

The nuclear power stations in the neighbouring countries above are a lot closer.

If something goes wrong in those countries and the wind is a bit our way, we might as well go nowhere.So you can buy a house near a nuclear power station without any objections.

We can frighten ourselves (by the media or by our own fears), but the chance of something going wrong is quite small.And * if * it goes wrong, I’d rather be close to it than an end.

Why not?The nuclear power stations in Belgium are in a much worse state than they will ever admit. The cracks for which the nuclear power plants are now lying down were already present before the power stations were started but were “patched” so that the FANC gave them green light. The disaster with the Chernobyl nuclear power plant we saw earlier on the washed clothing that hung outside than it was notified from the former USSR. The radiation that comes out of the cracks in the sarcophagus is many times higher and that influence is not known idem with Fukushima.

The cracks in the steel walls of the reactor vessels-the ‘ containers ‘ that hold radioactive radiation-from Tihange 2 and Doel 3 were first established during construction in April 1975.During an sonication on April 4, 1975, cracks were found in the part named C0065 of Doel 3, evidenced by the documents. Three weeks later, on 22 April, such an investigation was once again held. Then the component was suddenly approved. Almost 40 years later, when the power plants in 2012 were shut down due to its cracks, it turned out that C0065 had a large number of cracks.

“Tears in Tihange nuclear power stations and aim all during construction discovers”

It can only be as bad as Pripjat (city)-Wikipedia (Chernobyl nuclear disaster)

Borssele nuclear Power plant-Wikipedia is old man!Not seen me there!

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