Women, what is long after not as ‘ attractive ‘ as men think?

I am a man and I do not want to mansplainen but I am going to answer this, given there are so many misunderstandings regarding this subject among both men and women, including answers to this question in English.

As a child, you thought that considering you as a boy was attracted to physically attractive women and men could also look better or less good, women also go for umen with a handsome look.So if you ever want to dating a girl who looks like this:

Then you should have seen it out (just ff example):

But then, at one point, one told you that women do not (so much) give to your appearance.

What they would give, differed depending on who you ask. Some say you should treat them nicely. Others emphasized self-confidence. Some even tried to teach you all tricks that would make you an “Alfa” or Ladykiller. And of course you believed them. Wamt Honestly, you as a young man just want to get girls and if someone tells you how you can do this, try it. Eventually there were men who tried this and it didn’t work, with the conclusion that women are attracted to your money, and the solution is therefore to be successful and earn a lot of money. You didn’t wish to believe it but didn’t exclude that money could play a role.

These things, though some of some interest, are overrated and you are lied to by delusional ideologies, from women who say you “Just should be nice” to the seriously unfriendly “redpill” who says women want to That you dominate them as a patriarchic “Alpha”.

You were right as a child.Appearance is the most important factor in attraction for women as also for men!!!

But let’s analyse the lies.

Self-confidence and personality

Both are very important.However, they are not the only thing that is important. “Self-confidence” is above all said to give unattractive men the feeling that they have their attractiveness (fully) in their own hand. For fun, watch some episodes of the originally from the Netherlands dating show “Dating in the Dark”. Often when two people click in terms of personality, but the woman gets to see what the man looks like, they still pop them down. Once a woman literally said “I do not understand where he has the [self-confident attitude because he does not have the appearance to invoke himself.” So yes, self-confidence and personality are important for women, as they are important to men, but after the woman is already physically interested in you.

I mean ladies, would you be dating this man if he had a nice personality and self-confidence?

In fact, many women will feel abhorted and irritated when this man demonstrates self-confidence and appeals to them.

Money. Despite what some men tell you, women are not golddiggers.

If you don’t have a job and live with your parents on your 25th, this may be a turn-off, but it’s not as if an income of 鈧?00,000 is going to make any difference with an income of 鈧?00,000. Some women are golddiggers and you can get them with money, but overall your attractiveness is barely influenced by your ability. This does not even strike somewhere in biological terms; There is no money in nature and money does not mean that you are a good partner or carry healthy and strong genes. The men who tell you this are in denial concerns their unattractiveness in other areas, and say this to blame women to lay as golddiggers.

Again girls, can this guy actually make you feel hot and in love by packing his wallet?

Maybe some women will go for a man with money, just as some men take a sugar momma, but this is not an actual attraction.

It is biologically false and delusional.

A patriarchic alfa are This is actually the politically incorrect, sexist Redpill version of personality and self-confidence.It generally means that a man must learn PUA “game” and get the feeling that he is superior to women and treat them as inferior. Men who tell you this nonsense often believe that there is a feminist conspiracy that has transformed them into “Betamannen”, unattractive, non-masculian and weak men. But even if we assume that patriarchy would be natural, there is no possibility that these men would be attractive or dominant “alpha” men in nature.Being an alfaman or woman means that an individual is the leader of the group and thus dominates in the group, not just opposite the members of the opposite sex. Some species have alpha males, others alpha females and others both alpha males and females. Given that people are very far developed, both sexes have a lot of members who could be Alfa in nature. Patriarchy is a lie. But even assuming we had been a patriarchic sort, there would be only a few men dominant alpha males and thus attract the women.Given at least some men who have never had trouble attracting at least some girls, there is no feminist conspiracy that keeps you from getting sex or being an alfaman, you’re just not an alfaman.

Trust me, the Redpill is only there to tell unattractive men what they want to hear.On the one hand, it spares their self-esteem by saying that it is not their appearance that makes them unattractive and they are destined to be successful, but on the other hand it says that the fact that they are unsuccessful is not their own schuoorrdld , but of the women/feminists who have been brainwashed. The Redpill is a retardedly, woman’s unfriendly and delusional ideology.

Women, I know that you do not want to be treated as property or as a child by your partner.But assuming you are crazy about it, would you like this man as your patriarchic man?

I think we all know the answer though.

The truth, the unrecognizable truth, is that appearance is just as important for women as for men.

That is to say, personality, financial situation, hobbies, self-confidence etc.

Played are all factors that contribute to one’s attractiveness… But only after you look reasonable enough in the eyes of the other to consider giving the other a chance at all.

And maybe this sounds superficial, but that’s not it.It’s organic, it’s in our DNA, apart from how appealing we find ourselves, we all want to date someone we find physically appealing. And we should not be looked at for that.

That doesn’t mean it’s about if you’re a physically unattractive man; Being physically unattractive means that most women find you unattractive, however, there are always some that you do find attractive, or at least attractive enough to give you a chance to persuade them with those other factors.In fact, I’ve seen ugly men with much better sex lives than me and many other attractive men (though that in my case also comes because I don’t give up sex and relationships and therefore don’t bet me for it), not because they could compensate for their appearance And now magically attracted more women to they were by their self-confidence and personality, but because these personality and social skills gave them the opportunity to recognise and exploitthe opportunities they are given.And some of those odds are pretty beautiful women too, because everyone has his/her own taste including beautiful women. So you should always keep hoping and try to improve yourself (and not with the Redpill opinions because those are crap). You can also try to improve your appearance in part, by going to the gym, keeping hygiene, finding the right hairstyle and looking for a beard (and if so how to shave it). At least try to maximize your appearance.

Conclusion/TL; DR

There is no key to attract more women.The only thing you can do is improve your appearance, but ultimately it determines your appearance and not something you can learn or assume the initial attraction of women to you. There is no trick, no PUA “game” that makes you a ladykiller who makes all the girls mad because you do it. However, you are also not doomed to solitude and celibacy and self improvement is good. A majority of women will find you, if at least you don’t look above average, unattractive, but there are trillions of women so even a small minority is enough to find sooner or later someone. If you learn social skills and develop a nice personality, you will see that you have enough options, just as the guests I used as examples of unattractive men will have enough girls who read this and would say yes. Although it is only a small percentage of women, with self-improvement you will be able to take the opportunities you get and have a happy and interesting sex life.

Personality and self-vetting are not keys to the gate of attraction; They are tools to decorate what is behind it.

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