With what project were you so ontevrede that you really didn’t want to put your name on it?

Our Havo 5 profile workpiece.

The subject I liked, about the economy in Barbarije in the 17th and 18th centuries, and its influence on the European market.Our history teacher also found it a very interesting topic, and after long consultations we were all four agreed.

We thought.

My best friend and I really liked it, and we did well our best.We made sure that our subtopics were well connected, and we had a lot of afternoons studying, gathering information, reading books and working out.

The other two?Not really. Each deadline, they showed up two days later with a piece of text that was incorrect and content, and was full of spelling mistakes. Nor did they have a clue about the historical context, and I am not talking about those phrases that you have to learn for the exam. “A Fluyt *? What is that? “

And then it was Christmas, which coincidentally coincide with a deadline.When I finished all I had to do, with some friends running across the market I got an appje.

“Sorry people, but this is your figure too. I don’t get anything from it, so I’m not going to do this. “

(And actually I hope, because it is your figure, that from now on you are doing everything for me)

Why?This I’m not going to do? For months you deliver bad pieces, without even taking the initiative to improve something, and now you stop?

When we told this to the teacher, he asked us an ultimatum.Whether you’re going to be celebrating again, or you’re going apart and getting up to a 5.

Actually, we had to give up the group and make something ourselves, because the presentation was just as bad as the project itself.I was all done with it at the moment, and had practiced my part so often that it did not go wrong nothing. Effective intonation, word jokes, and with visible passion for the fabric.

And this was well received.After the final exam, even a teacher said.

“I heard that your PWS presentation went super well, so that you’re going to do something with history amazes me nothing.” (Must say, good for my ego).

But yeah, I wasn’t the only one, and the rest of the presentation expired… Difficult.

Eventually we got a six, one six that we didn’t even deserve, and I literally didn’t put my name on the cover page of the document, only on the official documents.

And now Godverdegodver stands on my diploma:

“Profile workpiece: Theme: History-6”

Where others got a 7, 8 or even 9, I sat with a 6. On a topic I always looked forward to, and what I keep following the rest of my life.

What that is about is the HBO a relief.Now I could make my own work pieces, get the deadlines myself, and present yourself, with a good figure as a result. Usually a B, sometimes an A.

Oh, what would I be grateful if I could do my PWS again.Alas.

* One type of sailing vessel BTW.

There are some items I made as a radio maker that were really very bad.. And luckily I have no recordings of it.

I interviewed a Dutch Standup comedy artist once.I was so badly prepared that I have beaten an absolute blunders, it was shameful. My editor has been able to save it somewhat at the time but I wasn’t proud of it.

I learned it.

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