Will you become authentic yourself? Will you continue with it?

No longer profile yourself with the outside world.

Let me tell you a little story about this.

My name is Moritz Dallmann and I go to 11 grade.If I were to describe myself in 3 words, I would probably call myself longing, success-oriented and thoughtful.

It was just before the 10th grade.My mum and I went to Leipzig with our silver Sharan to buy new clothes. I also found a lot. Clothes that fit me exactly. It was really neat clothes, at the sight of which you would probably associate them with business first. I just love to dress very smartly, because that increases my motivation, my happiness and my productivity. I just feel good.

When I got to school on the first day of school, I had a long black coat, neat deep blue pants with a brown belt and suit shoes on. I felt great.I got out of our silver Sharan and noticed the eyes of the classmates, who could not identify with the clothes in the majority. They approached me weirdly about the clothes for the whole school day and looked at it doof. I was as insecure as I had been for a long time.

When I arrived at home, I decided to store the whole new clothes in the closet and put on the “normal” clothes again.My priority is to be accepted by others. Today I’m on.

In the next weeks and months I never felt comfortable in my clothes.My happiness and, above all, my self-esteem has decreased. I didn’t get the funny looks from the others anymore, but I wasn’t doing well either. I’ve always been different from everyone else and now I had to dress the same way. I wasn’t doing well.

One day about half a year later, I came across personality development and spirituality, and I was like reading “Now!The Power of the Present” by Eckhart Tolle suddenly became clear.

It’s my life and I must never make my lifestyle dependent on others.I have to live the way I want and I can dress the way I want to. There is nothing more important than manifesting one’s own self in every part of life.

I then realized that I can dress the way I feel and it is the wrong way to profile myself through the opinion from the outside.This path always leads to discomfort and a deviation from its path. After that, you no longer realize what your own path is and you get used to hiding.

From that day on, I dressed completely the way I felt and that made me feel good.

What can you apply to this question now?Dress as you feel and how you want it, because authenticity in clothing style is the most important thing. If someone feels comfortable in their clothes and does not stand out, then it is worth much more than the other way around. The outside world will also notice this and, in the long sense, respect you for it. But the outside world doesn’t matter anyway:)

Write down 10 attributes that embody your true image of yourself and then act on it.It will be worth it.

Thank you for reading.

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