Will the roll-out of 5G Internet (100 times faster than 4G) affect our health?

I am far from being a specialist, but well let me make an attempt to answer:

Technology is constantly evolving.Smartphones/tablets manufacturers are looking for the next great innovation. Folding Screens[1 [2 , retractable screens[3 are for example “Formfactors” which are extensively invested in, because mobility and a big screen is what “everyone is waitingfor”.In addition, mobile platforms such as AR[4[5 or even VR[6 technologies that are currently on the market are being developed violently.Thirdly, the now “traditional laptop/2-in-1 device/tablet” is also no longer a way to think out of our society.

The above and numerous other technological devices used by humans have 1 thing in common.They make use of the Internet. Currently there is roughly a difference between 2 types. Wired and mobile internet. I leave the possible variations of wired internet for what it is. That is a 0nder throw which can only give me headaches.

With mobile Internet we have had quite a few changes lately.A niece of mine is 20.. In roughly her entire life span, mobile internet originated from GPRS (2g) to UMTS (3G) to 4G and later 5G. Each step was accompanied by significant speed increases and with 5G there is a promise: “ mobile internet will be just as fast and reliable as wired internet.”

So even more connectivity.To process even more information and perhaps new societal issues that are emerging. Is potential addiction a bigger factor? What about realism? I have no idea but here I have to think on a societal level if you ask me about the “health implications”.

In addition, I wonder what the radiation does.Over the years (since the cell phone was there without internet so yes for the year 2000) questions were asked whether the radiation from the telecommunications masts was not harmful to health. This, incidentally, was also raised in my opinion in the construction of electricity cables, but I do not know the fine.

Here and there you will find a national or article about electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).There is no conclusive scientific evidence (yet?) that this is one thing but ironically, 1 of the inventors of mobile phone techology Per Segerb盲ck[7 has suffered from this.But a little searching on Google provides other news items on[8 [9 . The introduction of 5G may cause more radiation traffic.. Does that matter with general health?

My personal experience with the Treaties of eletronics has changed dramatically after an accident with brain injuries.I got headaches from devices, only if it turned up it became too much for me. However, an improvement has been received over the past 4 years. However, there is a clearly lower tolerance. This experience is not entirely self-explanatory.. The 50 + people I have talked to with similar injuries has an experience that comes close.

In that light, I can find that EHS is one thing and that there is a chance that an excess can arise at some point.

Important NOTE: I might make a capital mistake here: I add electrical radiation and other type of radiations together and ask me aloud if this is harmful. I have no direct knowledge about this but I do know of the various studies, inaccurate studies and a lot of pseudo-science. I also involve recovery after NAH (not congenital brain injury) in my story. This can be wrong.

However, I am trying to share my thoughts on a question the one asked me is.And after a few days of contemplation I come out. If you have knowledge that can teach me what to do about this, please share it and I will adjust my answer.


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I am less afraid of radiation, but rather afraid of an even further takeover of life by smart devices and the health consequences of it.

Yes.If FaceBook also works 100 times faster, then people will use it 200 times as much. What is not good for your mental abilities.

It will mean that Netflix and Imgur are even easier to reach, which will lead to even more distractions.In addition the 5g signal disturbs some weather satellites. So the weather forecast may be less reliable, and you may be more likely to be connected or in the rain.

The radiation does nothing further with our body.It is maybe thousands of times more powerful than 4g, but it is far from harmful. It has to be a few thousand times as strong for that.

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