Will Tesla harm the German automotive industry?

tesla is an innovative enterprise- a company that may never go through the development phases that other companies go through.

this means: tesla will always be innovative – always changing: and this is absolutely vital for a dynamic, innovative company.

so never really stop, build dröge cars, as here with us – and only build what promises most crumbs return!

tesla is building auto’s at a time – innovative, where the world is facing collapse: so it has to change radically.tesla can do that- the company in its diversity is very flexible: German companies are outdated, ossified- have maneuvered themselves with the network of norms, preset state requirements, trade union promise – into an immobility from which there is no get out more there!

to do what tesla does- one would have to radically rethink, question production methods as well as change them as anything else!

as in the political lack of leadership figures.

an elon musk is a very wertoller human, an innovative- a groundbreaking visionary: such people do not grow, how sand grains on the sea – they have become rare on this earth!

yes: an elon musk is dangerous: that’s why you infiltrate your company, smuggle saboteurs in – to prevent, hinder – time to shing!

nevertheless, the German automotive industry will go down the drain: because they have no thought leaders, no visionary ones – but clinging to the old things, which soon forced no more!

and shareholders!

on the motors it is not – on the vehicles already and on the operating modes it even more!here there are no hydrogen filling stations: in berlin you will find one but you have set it up for testing purposes for the big show – and never used big anyway.

the policy wants to raise sales taxes: that’s the basic evil!

it also wants to offer for stromer- the grid: what else is not!and sabotages their own objectives by planning pumping stations – but not being realized anyway!

where it is important – if you bet on false and where it is unimportant, millions and millions flow.

so if someone wants to look for guilty – then it is the web of politics and economy that reduces everything here in the country to standstill!

instead of forcing solutions in the most radical way – that is, away from dependence on crude oil – one stiffens oneself to do nothing – is afraid of hundreds of thousands of unemployed, which are then produced!

one never comes to the idea – that one needs time – and the unemployed, when the old scrap cars, the old- raised, broken vehicles with their pupps cushion warmers, the superfluous frills – by the introduction of new innovation techniques- needs a new workforce!

but one always shies away: the high investment costs – where the old one is still good: since the yes- all vehicles have put on a platform, so that the old one remains usable.they prefer to pay the Americans millions in compensation – us not – for the scrap cars!

the risk is shy anyway – and the many people you have to put on the road are a weighty risk…

the automobile manufacturers, the trade unions – who have more to say than others – and the state structures in each – do not only in wolfsburg: all this is the house of cards, which will collapse because it has to collapse!

one can now ask if the Chinese are not faster than tesla- because they introduce stromer nationwide!

but domestic car manufacturers are located in the high-price segment – strikingly so!

yes: tesla will show them something- show them!

and they will not be able to break free from their dementia: at the moment they are driving on the track of state subsidies various projects – so a lot of money goes into the wrong, again!since you want to build akkus – and has an estimated 30 years minus in technology and knowledge!

in two years I will be retired: I will see the decline of the German car manufacturers live – as it is already happening!

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