Will interest rates remain low in the long run?


Capitalism has managed to ensure that capital on our planet is no longer truly profitable.

Investmentcapital is not an invention of Karl Marx or his predecessors.Capital already existed in antiquity.

Jesus” “Equality of the Entrusted Talents” shows that it was already a matter of course in antiquity to increase the value of elaborate (or otherwise acquired) values.

A talent had about the purchasing power to buy an average sailing ship.Talents were the payment center of Greek city-states for interstate trade or tribute payments.

When Jesus speaks of a talent[1″ which the Lord entrusts in the parable to each of his two servants (probably rather asset managers), it is indeed a small fortune, and one could already expect a wise economist to do so. at least a little more.

We now have the lowest interest rates in 3,000 years.This is a historical extreme value that shows all previous economic practices (even those already overcome as feudalism, slave-holding) as economically outdated.

Characteristic of capitalism (which is why it is also called) is that money (capital) is enough to make money from it.And that is becoming more and more impossible.

How desperate, for example, did the Bayer Group have to be in order to tie the world’s most hated company Monsanto to the hump?The profits generated simply had to be reinvested somewhere in order to be soured. And better bad than not at all.

How desperate did the managers of German car companies have to be to turn a blind eye to obvious fraud – in the vague hope that they will no longer be responsible when it comes out?

How desperate must fund managers be to “generate” worthwhile “profits” through cum-ex transactions – without the slightest added value(!)?Profits that come exclusively from the “refund” of taxes never paid – that is, all of us taxpayers’ money – are only sham profits?

So we do not see an end point of an epoch that began to dominate in the time of Marx (or even before).With this extreme value, we are experiencing a real turning point that calls into question everything that has been taught about value creation since Jesus (or earlier).

In mathematical functions, extreme values are always vertices, after which development takes a fundamentally different direction.

Which – we will see.And those who have understood the process will show us the way.

Maybe they’re already on the road.And most of us don’t see it because it can’t be what can’t be.

“We’ve always done that,” said the Titanic’s helmsman.


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