Will England become a third world country after Brexit?

No, I certainly don’t think so.New trade treaties are emerging and certain competitive advantages will be exploited. The Conservatives ‘ ideal is a large, hyper-capitalistic, deregued zone. A place where companies like to settle because they are not dealing with things like minimum wage, strict environmental requirements and high taxes. But it is difficult that access to the European market will be more difficult.

But well, it really depends on what kind of deal it rolls out of the bus.Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are also not in the EU and these countries are doing well.

No I don’t think England will become a third world country.In a well-competent leadership, a Switzerland 2.0 could be very possible. What I mean to say: an independent country with a lot of attraction.

For example, where England can strike a big blow is data centers and Privacy.When there would be a great focus on the privacy of the citizen and its data. Could become the Datacenter capital of the world. No good news for the Netherlands in this case but that on the side.

For the record: This is purely hypothetical!

That seems to me to be exaggerated.

Except that England is losing jobs, because many (and yet not all) companies move their headquarters, there is not much happening.

England is missing subsidies, but it does not have to pay any more to the EU.

European countries will continue to be trading with England, so there is little change in that too.The increased paper shop will yield jobs, but perhaps less than lost through the exodus of corporate offices.

America is more likely to be a nomination.The state debt is simply ridiculously high and it is not better.

No Third World country.For that, they have too many industries and banks. But they will get very hard, and it will cost many billions to pay for that. That will cost them economic strength.

No, very likely not.But it will perhaps show more the characteristics of a colonized country that itself has become a colony of a former colony. I do not know whether precedents exist here.

Sorry but that’s really a belachelije question.

Even before they become an EU member, they were never a third world country but one of the richest nations.This has certainly also to do with their colonial history. Even though it is over (well, almost), England, actually at least Britain or exactly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is certainly a country with great influence and a strong economy.

Brexit would first edit a weakening, but then?Who could know that? Yes, it would be best for the EU to increase in strength. Or just the other way around. This is very much dependent on the politics of other economic powers such as the US or China. Even a revival of the Commonwealth of Nations would have to care something.

In other words: it is gambling here.

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