Will a narcissistic father ever regret the way he treated his children?

The short answer: A narcissistic father will never regret his behavior unless it might serve his interests.

The question is actually a contradiction in itself.Because a narcissist cannot, by definition, allow mistakes and imperfections to itself. To see mistakes in himself, he would first have to become aware of his true self. But if he were able to self-reflection, he would no longer be a narcissist…

Why is it so hard for a narcissist to become aware of himself?

One of the most crucial dysfunctional behaviors of a narcissist is its inability to self-reflection.Narcissists simply can never be wrong, can’t make mistakes, or even be imperfect. They lack any object reference and object consistency. This means their inability to form a holistic, realistic and stable picture of themselves (and others) that both contain weaknesses and strengths at the same time. If they find as a single mistake, then they consider themselves worthless. Therefore, they must build an incredibly strong defense mechanism consisting of denial, recriminations, and projections to avoid confrontation with their own imperfection.

Narcissists are very sensitive to shame, each have no mechanisms to process this problem.Therefore, the narcissist must project his shame on to others. This is also one of the reasons why a narcissist must always have supplies. If he feels bad, he needs another person to project his discomfort to process the shame (through the other).

Admitting that you are a narcissist would mean admitting a severe personality disorder.This, in turn, would mean a great personal defect and thus a very shameful thing for the narcissist. A clinically diagnosed narcissist would be almost incapable of making such a statement. A few have succeeded. They are now using their findings to help others. However, most narcissists would only agree to such a diagnosis if it was of concrete benefit to them.

Therefore, it is generally accepted that narcissism cannot be treated.

Will a narcissist ever regret his behaviour towards others?

If his behaviour has had a negative impact on him, then so be it. In all other cases – no.Unless the narcissist begins to become aware of himself and thus cures himself of his narcissism.

Most narcissists cannot comprehend at all how far-reaching the damage can be caused by their lack of empathy.All they notice is whether they have control over someone or not. Whether they have won and domed… or not. Whether she was injured… or whether they have won. In order to maintain their delusion of dominance and control, the narcissists do everything necessary. You know how to hurt people. But they do not know – or simply do not care – to what extent they cause destruction. They feel exactly what has been done to them by what has been done to them. But she did not have the slightest insight that their own behaviour had caused them to do so. Narcissists never seem to understand that they themselves are the root cause of all the “crazy” around them.

For one narcissist, it is always the fault of others.

How can they show regret and apologize with such a point of view?

Most people don’t give up with a narcissist for long. The narcissist may have a totally depressed victim, that he has complete control and from whom he can “feed”.All the other people have long since abandoned it.

A narcissist dies sadly and alone.

They all have to blame themselves.

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