Why would people be against abortion (except religious beliefs)?

For a very long time in our history it was not natural that children were also grown-read a biography about Rembrandt and you see how it goes.A woman could get between ten and fifteen children (if she did not died in the childbed), of which two were grown. At that time, abortion was not an option: Posterity was essential, for caring at old age and passing possession. In addition, abortion was blood dangerous.

This is different today.The infant mortality rate in the Netherlands is minimal, death in the childbed is no longer the same, the retirement provision is well regulated here, the passing of possession is guaranteed. One, two or three children is enough; We can postpone the getting of children until we deem ourselves sufficiently mature and/or financially guaranteed. Many children are not needed and actually (overcrowding) undesirable.

The only argument against abortion that I can come up with is that we have adequate contraceptives and therefore do not have to make it that far.Abortion is not a pretje. But for it I am an acceptable solution, if contraceptives have not worked for whatever reason.

Opponents of abortion must remove their arguments from very deep; Big words are desired.Calling ‘ murder ‘ is then seen as a valid argument. It is a form of court play: the opponent knows exactly how it sits and washes itself in its own moral right. That goes so far that in the US opponents believe they have the right to kill proponents. For they are allowed to do so. They do.

What is a human being and when is a man, a man?

Ten minutes before birth abortion can and is OK, while ten minutes after it is murder?Weizig the number of minutes. Is it good a month in advance?

It is still barbaric to kill people.How do we determine human beings? In the meantime, we continue. Abortion. What a horrible word.

Why would people be for abortion?

One human being deserves to be protected by society from misery.

  1. That money for the future mother.

A.That money for the fruit.

Religious but also not religious can put another priority there.Goes 1 for A? Or goes A for 1?

So the two camps think differently, in general.But an individual can think differently than the camp where he is classified by the society.

I am for free abortion, everyone and certainly the mother may have that themselves.It is not easy, so we do.

But if I were to come across it (I sat in that situation, I thought for a moment), and I am happy to be the mother, I am therefore railed in this case!Even if it doesn’t (yet) come out.

And that is why everyone can know for themselves, in order to get out of it for two or only the mother in some cases.A government or a church may find some of it, but that is what it is. Any advice is OK. An opinion that has been imposed against my will is certainly not.

You can expect a mother to need great support and encouragement in order to be able to come to the answer.Forced opinions often work counter productive. By actually thinking along, you can help a lot better to reach a decision they can do with it. To promote the best possible life for all concerned.
Sometimes that leads to priority 1. And sometimes to priority A.

Good luck you can create conditions for it to happen.

A lot of misery you can see coming and softening for if it it happens.

It is a huge misconception that only religious people are against abortion.In This answer, I will try to explain somewhat about the views of people who are against abortion. Before I do that, I first explain why religious people are against abortion.

Religious (read monotheistic, religious) people are convinced that God (or whatever other name they assign to this orphans or non-existent) has created the world.God has also created life in their view. They also believe that God’s creation is something special, and human lives all the way. For this reason they believe because every human life is a product of God’s creation, is special and must therefore be cherished. Because, according to them, a human life begins with conception, ‘ the lives ‘ of unborn children must also be nurtured as a product of God’s creation. For this reason, religious people are often opposed to abortion.

However, this value that religious people have on human life is not reserved exclusively to religious people.Also many infidel people deem human life sacred. As a result, these people are opposed to acts that bring about an early end to human life, such as murder, manslaughter and death by guilt (all ingrained in our legal system). There is also a smaller proportion of these infidel people who believe that human life starts with conception. This view in combination with the sanctity of human life brings them to the idea that abortion should be avoided at all times. Now, however, abortion often takes place in a very complicated situation, something that these people often realise. Depending on how heavily they deem these circumstances, these people are stricter or less strict when abortion may be allowed. For example: Abortion is only allowed in case of rape or abortion is only allowed in the first two trimesters. Even among these people, the views can vary widely.

Now, abortion is a very complicated issue for many people. For example I do not know so well what position I have to adopt.On the one hand, I see that the value of human life is absolute, and I am convinced that human life is sacred, on the other, I find it morally doubtable/objectionable to force a woman by the enormous burden of pregnancy and childbirth Let go for a child that she does not want to wear.

I hope that I have been able to give you a little insight into the considerations of non-religious people in the field of abortion.

Reproduction is essential for the survival of our species.It is a kind of primitive instinct that will make us multiply whether we want it or not. In the rest of nature, too, you’ll see that planting is an urge you don’t get around and is part of an essential life cycle. This also means that disrupting the natural balance has consequences. Voluntary abortion is unnatural in that respect.

Many people are not free to form their own opinions outside the laws of nature and their culture, especially when you are also indoctrinated, read religion.Hence there are those who are opposed.

In addition, we talk about people here, but you have people who can give birth to children, women, and people who cannot (yet), men.Both are not equal in this respect. Men are for or against abortion based on others data than women. Thus, having or no abortion and the consequences of this decision has no effect on the man’s body (only in some the mind). In women this is very different.

Also you can be against, but still for.You can agree that the woman can make a decision about her own body and that it is everyone’s right to take the decision on his own body what he or she wants. In other words, if the neighbour wants to abort, it must be able to decide, but in your own case you would not choose.

If you ask such people to blow a lot in the bus for helping with unwanted births, most of them give “not at home”.Abortion should simply be compulsory for certain situations like vaccinations.

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