Why were poems in the years 1800 so much more popular (modieuser) compared to now?

Simply because no other media existed: No radio, TV, Internet,… The newspapers started to get off the ground and also the genre of the novel began to become popular only in the 18th century.

What do you do if you don’t have all of that?You sit together in the evening and everyone tells stories and if you have nothing to tell you wear a poem.

You also have to remember that what we now call poetry, for 1800 were especially well-known rhyme, with life lessons.The idea that poetry is about feelings, contains something sentimental, comes only after 1800 with the romance to maturation.

Also in the school poems were a favorite ‘ teaching form ‘.This poem is a later parody of the 19th century, which makes this genre of class ridiculed, but it does give an idea of how it went. By learning a poem full of information about ‘ the lion ‘ outside, you still had some information and vocabulary about that animal. Author is Gerrit van de Linde, who also called himself the schoolmaster. (1808-1858)

The Lion

A lion is a person,
Who is afraid of no one,
His eye and his nose
Its greater than that of a giant;
And his mules
Is a true murder pit;
With his Klaauw
Is a lion amazing gaauw;
With side tail
He throws a shooter from his horse;
And with his teeth
He dares to have the Hafiz Schutterij.

Anyway, he’s always the most torn beast
Been among the animals
He has recently been in London
Still a miss devoured;
But, now that I am liking,
Was he not: it was the lioness.

The Lion is born quadrupedal:
Two from the back and two from the front;
Or, according to others, two on his right hand:
And the other two on this side.

The Lion his wife
Is Mrs. De Leeuwin,
And the young, as long as they are behaving with the breast,
It is usually called: Cubs.

Golden lions and lions of wood,
Mitsgaders de Hollandsche, are very old;
They can still be viewed on signs and shields, but
[Rare in the forest.
Once the true lion comes directly to you,
Then it’s best to go straight out of the way.
But not if he is set up or dead,
There is absolutely no need in that case.

He had himself there for adults, who possibly went for the first on business trip to England:

Angelic Whores

If some time the booze lusts of the Vleesch can torment you
Would I recommend you but to you know what I mean to postpone in Holland
For the Engelsche whores will not anyone recommend you
They are just like frozen monuments in the feathers
And to make that an English woman under the N lives a little
Would you have to lay down another one that has den hiccups .

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