Why was Freud expelled from Vienna and sought exile in London?

Sigmund Freud was not expelled from Vienna.He accepted an offer to move to London (near the Tavistock Clinic), where he lived for another year as a cancer patient.

1897 – After joining the world’s oldest Jewish aid organization, B’nai B’rith International (Sons of the Confederation) began his career at the age of 41.B’nai B’rith is a separate Masonic lodge founded on 13 October 1843 by the Rothschild dynasty as a secret lodge in London. Organized according to the Scottish rite of the Freemasons, it is still reserved exclusively for Jews. In 1913, B’nai B’rith founded the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to specifically defame researchers and critics who are willing to expose Israel and the growing Zionist influence around the world – ostensibly to protect the Jewish people.

1910 – Freud founded the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), which was built as a secret society and was presumably aimed at the goals of B’nai Brith (undermining, exploiting, enslaving).

From the mid-1930s – British psychoanalysis experienced an influx of German and Austrian analysts of both sexes who fled Nazism to England and joined the British Psycho-Analytical Society (BPAS) Recording (Paula Heimann, Barbara Lantos, Kate Friedländer as well as Willi and Hedwig Hoffer).

25.June 1936 – Freud became a foreign contributor to the Royal Society of Science in London, founded in 1660.

4.June 1938 – With the help of Ernest Jones and Marie Bonaparte, Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud and their immediate family were able to move to London so as not to expose themselves to the impending danger of Austria, which was annexed to the German Reich. be deported.

1938-1939 – Some respected researchers suspect that Sigmund Freud was the first director of the Tavistock Clinic in London in his last year of life, followed by his daughter Anna.Founded in 1920, the Tavistock Clinic is the first psychodynamic psychiatric outpatient clinic in the UK, along with the affiliated mental health training centre. The psychiatrist Hugh Crichton-Miller, influenced by the teachings of Jung and Freud, founded and directed the psychotherapeutic competence center for the traumatic effects of war neurosis (called the trench shock) .The Tavistock Clinic was already before the Second World War the world’s leading institution for (the study of) brainwashing [consciousness control. Tavistock claims to be a scientific authority on ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder (MPS) and dissociative identity disorder (DIS).

23.September 1939 – When the strong cigar smoker Freud, who had suffered from oral cancer since 1923 and had undergone multiple operations, had an inoperable tumor.At his request, his doctor administered him a lethal dose of morphine on the 21st, on which he died two days later.

One of the rare articles targeting the Tavistock Institute appeared in the American magazine Businessweekon October 26, 1963.He showed a photo of the building, which is located in the district of London with the most expensive medical practices. Mention was made of the institute’s “resilience, which is largely funded by British blue-chip companies such as Unilever, British Petroleum and Baldwin Steel.

Statue of Sigmund Freud, Hampstead

Freud left four of his sisters Freud in Vienna.

Several attempts to bring the sisters into exile in London failed.

29.June 1942 – Marie Freud, Adolfine Freud and Paula Winternitz were deported from Vienna to Theresienstadt.

23.September 1942 – Marie and Paula were sent from there to the Maly Trostinec extermination camp and killed there.

5.February 1943 – Adolfine is believed to have died of malnutrition in Theresienstadt.

28.August 1942 – Rosa Graf was deported from Vienna to Theresienstadt and sent to Treblinka between 5 and 10.10.1942.

Source: On the Fate of Sigmund Freud’s Sister Rosa Graf

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