Why slow down light, but not speed up it?

You can’t slow down or accelerate photons (your light).That’s why there are other things that can only slow down but never faster, because everything that’s slower has mass. This is the basic law of the universe:

The constancy of the speed of light, the preservation of energy.

But this Basic Law has not yet been given the right status, even though all the problems of physics are hidden in it.And you think now and now comes again such an esoteric sweat, because everyone basically only believes what all scholars believe. There is sometimes not the slightest trace of science, in whose place you will rather encounter the aggressive fassetofes of theology. I can only tell you, you are miles away to understand how frighteningly simple and primitive, things work and are completely incomprehensible to everyone without mysticism.

I’ll give you a little taste of what you could read in my salon blog.

As just mentioned,”… everything that is slower has mass”.Only what is mass? And that mass finds many ways to be calculated in the standard model of physics, but there is still no plausible explanation of what mass is. And if you believe something else, as is not written, then you fly out.

Now ask yourself as a layman, what else does a photon have in terms of possibilities that everyone understands, except speed?

I would answer, it still has the direction of movement and it can be either in the singular context alone or in the plural with several other photons together.And the mass would then be a combination of the aforementioned possibilities, which each interplay of possibilities cannot perceive any other way than to experience how that thing then slows down. And in addition, that mass shows itself in a gravitational field particularly slowing effect.

For example, you can describe it as follows:
The object of contemplation does not really indicate whether several photons are involved, which hinder each other to do something other than to move straight.

The object is not preoccupied with all parts of itself with the straight moving, other parts obviously have a different direction of movement and the one we can notice is only the vectorial sum of direction and velocity.

I now take a horse-drawn cart, on which I connect two horses, if now both horses pull into a right and can only move at the same speed, then e.g. two horses with a force of 2 hp move towards 3 o’clock for example.Despite greater strength, however, the speed of the team never increases, because no horse can get faster. But it is the case that the team can carry twice as much weight as a team with only one horse and that is the crux of the matter that we will bring up again later. Now we reduce the pulling force and let one of the horses run towards 11 o’clock (here on the diagram violet 30掳), so the 3 o’clock horse is slowed down, because the other direction does not point to the same destination.

Without making great effort in vector mathematics, I illustrate what I want to say as follows: The center of the opening angle of the two directions of motion determines the speed and that will never exceed the speed of light in the diagram.

However, the acting forces of the two horses cannot be discussed away.

Where is this power? Bums, bangs, peng,- and we are back at the crunch point, because that is the mass that adheres to that horse-drawn cart. A singular team of a cart and a horse never have another horse that we could call mass. But with two horses, that’s pretty much the normal case.

So, a team, a horse and a cart, that’s a massive photon, where only one force works in one direction.All other forms have mass, or rather, they are somehow prevented from aiming in a single direction. So any other horse can only have mass and the fact that it is always the plural, that is the one that necessarilycausesthe mass ‘.And Peter Higgs would now be startled to realize that the difference lies only between plural and singular.Here it is only the 2nd horse on the wagon and elsewhere the scholars try to explain this connection by means of the particle of the gods.

So, yet an additional 3rd horse increases the mass and thus the team represents an object-composite, which we then want to understand as matter, which can then also be an atom.

And now it should be clear how all things move around a common pivot.

And so all blue directions and movements form a red sum of directions and movements. So the red arrow is then the one that we perceive in a completely simplified way. That the inner movements work solely with the speed of light, that should now also be clear. If this were not the case, a mathematical refutation of this bonitistic interpretation would be child’s play. But even that has not yet been the result of the special wisecrackers among the scholars. The belief in Einstein is still too great for this, because the mathematical abilities are too limited.

And all this was just a small foretaste of how I describe what in a gravitational field there are still so many possibilities that depend solely on the direction of movement.

So read in my salon, I have to say that it does not contradict any natural law, but declares the standard model of physics in need of reform.

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