Why should you die young?

Who says that?In fact, it doesn’t matter if you die at 17 or 94. In the end, the purpose of life is not recognized as a summation of any experiences, but only in the recognition of the present moment – the moment of eternal letting go.

Death is there to make you understand where liberation lies, where the real path to the deepest peace, to the deepest happiness, is.He wants to show you that the greatest happiness lies in the complete letting go. It is in fact the most beautiful experience of our earthly stay. Death is there for you to learn to love it, because then you also love life and then you also love yourself.

Imagine the last 60 seconds of your death.Another 30 seconds… 15 seconds left… 10 seconds left… Thoughts about your past life. School, marriage, hospitalization, family, stations of your career, encounters with people… It wouldn’t make a difference if I had done anything different. There was no point in it. It had no meaning. If anything in life had gone differently, I would feel exactly the same here at this moment. No pride in what I did, no regrets about what I didn’t do. A little sadness about those close to him. I go – they stay here – they will mourn. I know I’m going to a better place – they’ve got the worse lot. No matter who ever disrespected me, it doesn’t matter who ever loved me. Everything I’ve ever done has been so unimportant, so meaningless. It’s all nothing!

At some point you say, “I have no idea what’s going on.I can’t control anything here. I’m going to give in. I’ll let go…”

This last insight is already the truth here – NOW.

* Whatever you do and achieve until your death will not fulfill you!

* Life cannot make sense, because death puts an end to all the apparent meaning.

* Your only task is to prepare for your death.Do it now – think through your death! What’s left of you when the body is no longer there? Because that’s you really!

If we say at the grave of a dead man what a special, extraordinary person he was, what he created great things, how popular, how important he was, how many people miss him, it would mean that a homeless person who has not moved anything lasting no one weeps, who is buried somewhere foreway, who would be less important in his being.This can’t be. So the praises for the first must also be a lie.

People think death is a loss – but it isn’t!We can’t lose anything we’ve never owned. The experienceable life does not really exist, it is virtual, and death ends this virtuality.

Everything you do, plan, build, is a cobblestone of a path that ends in death.One of the cobblestones you set, the path ends in this place.

Death does not stop you, but the world stops.Your awareness remains. The material world dissolves before your eyes and is recognized as an illusion. The world does not exist in reality, it exists only in your consciousness. When you die, the world dies with you. The dream is over!

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