Why should you be Nazis, Islamists etc. not invite you to talk shows?

The art of giving space to extreme opinions and ideologies is to consistently moderate such a forum, and to adequately represent the society that represents them.

In the conversations I hear, extremists tend to infiltrate and break the rules of the forum.They are also trying to force themselves to do so by provoking extreme, so that other participants in the forum, for example, also interrupt them, allowing them to say, “It has started!”

Nor does rhetorical fog candles and permanent relativization and distraction make discussing with an extremist easy.They are usually aware of the weaknesses of their position, and instead of discussing them, so-called whataboutionism is used. So from the current discussion point to the distraction to another, meist just as pointless has jumped.

“Mr. N.A. Ziehuber, you just said that the German Basic Law should allow political opponents to execute.”

“They must have misunderstood me.”

“But we have it here on tape!See the recording briefly.”

“So this permanent surveillance speaks for their participation in the totalitarian surveillance state!Only recently, as chairman of the Foundation for Homeland Security and National Security, I had to report the intolerable spying of the foundation by the constitutional protection! And what was the reaction to that? No! And now they’re hitting the same notch!”

And so on and so forth.

In talk shows, such a forum is usually not moderated, but escalated in a calculated way.Basic rules of the conversation are only demanded when the child has already fallen into the well, and Mrs Roth would like to fry Mr. Gauland with a chair. Or people are invited who are known to be deliberately or perhaps unconsciously unable to talk in this regard. But a wrestling match between “Lady C-Rod” and the bad boy of the political discussion “The GAU-Lander” brings more odds than if the two would discuss commonalities and differences of their political positions.

However, there is also the problem that if you invite five people, it is difficult to map the current political situation with them.It is not without reason that the Bundestag has so many members. And even there, one has to ask oneself what all the lawyers in Germany, who represent all the lawyers in the Bundestag, are doing, and why it is difficult to get craftsmen when the craft is so good, but the farmers, for example, are so little represented. [1 It is similar with the invitation of extremists.The views they hold are often supported by around 10 percent in the population, or less depending on their limbs. At the same time, even in a five-way conversation, they are raised to a share of at least 20%. It is similar with the FDP, the Greens or the Left, when it is granted 20% of public discourse with 10% of the citizens’ votes.

So, if you let politics into the talk shows, you should be as aware of their true position in the society depicted as you are about the consequences of the poor moderation.Then you can also organize talk shows that don’t degenerate into a farce, no matter which flat whistle comes back today.


[1 German Bundestag – Professions

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