Why should we leave our comfort zone?

The short answer: because our greatest development potential is outside our comfort zone!

We humans all have a certain comfort zone, where we like to stay, because everything feels safe and familiar there.

We tend to avoid anything that brings us uncertainty and difficulties.

When I was thinking about going to America on a football scholarship to combine study and football, I felt that very uncertainty.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect.I would leave my homeland, my family and my friends. I would be in a foreign country for 3 years, live in a new culture, and study in a foreign language.

I was thinking about everything that was going to be difficult and what might go wrong.It would have been “easier” to stay at home, study in Germany, and live in my usual environment.

You may be in similar situations.

You’d like to change your career, but you’re worried about leaving your usual work environment.

You’d like to meet other people, but the thought of reaching out to strangers scares you.

You’d love to do more exercise and be fitter, but somehow you don’t find the beginning because you think about how hard the process will be.

You’d love to do a backpacking trip, but be afraid that something will go wrong.

These are just examples and I’m sure you know more.I definitely know situations where, in hindsight, I would have liked to have done it. But at that moment, I just didn’t manage to leave my comfort zone. It’s human.

“Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.”

Through this quote, I have vowed to leave my comfort zone more often.Knowing that I am always out of the comfort zone, I decided to take the step and i’m after America for 3 years.

I lived there the saying “Growth happens outside of your comfortzone.”

This decision has been far from easy for me.

I trusted in one thing: our fears and difficult situations often show us our greatest growth potential.

Only if we consciously decide to leave our comfort zone can we learn new things and develop as human beings.

The consequence of this?

If you consciously decide to leave your comfort zone and have experiences that will make you grow, then your comfort zone will increase.

Things that previously felt uncomfortable will feel more pleasant and eventually become completely natural.

When you leave your comfort zone, you will evolve.

You will become a person who can deal with the things that previously caused you fear and concern.And so you can step by step increase your comfort zone.

The decision to do so is not always easy.And it should always be well thought out. But it’s often the case that you only realize through your struggles how strong you can actually be.

So if you want to develop further and achieve more in life, then make the decision to leave your comfort zone more often.You won’t regret it.

Abraham Maslow once said: “In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.Growth must be chosen again and again; Fear must be overcome again and again.”

It is up to you to decide.You can take the safe, easy way and leave everything at the old. Or go into insecurity and fear, because you know that you’re going to grow the most there.


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