Why should man live in a social society?

Man is a social animal.You cannot overestimate what this means. You breathe and exhale, all you do is a social activity. The hermit who speaks in himself is not a fool, but creates a social space, he and himself, not to go down. You ask for everything you do not wonder if it is good or bad, you just ask yourself ‘ what do Hunnie and will think of it ‘.

You can really go into solitude.The biggest defect is the physical contact, your skin that screams for touch. Monks who live in isolation can experience this highly experienced ‘ skin hunger ‘ is a good term for this physical contact poverty.

Social contact poverty can be overcome well by hallucinating another.Then you speak with another one that hallucinates you. Even with physical contact poverty you can hallucinate another. Then you can feel the arm of another on your shoulder. Not to mention wet dreams, which in severe isolation are more about physical contact than about Sexualteit.

So you can have a regular job, do groceries, and even go out, without ever touching anyone.A lot of social behavior is merely a means of not doing the skin hunger, for example, semi-gay behaviour in drunkenness. So behavior that seems gay, but only about need for touch goes.

A beautiful model is that of mice and rats, which climb over each other in their caves.In this touch they say implicitly to each other: I am here, you are there; I exist, you exist, or I love You you love me, I hate you, you hate me.

With an expensive word we say that one person confirms the other in the meeting.

This does not have to be pleasant at all, because we can also put each other against the hairs.Existentialism, which was invented in vogue for modern psychotropic drugs, then says: “Hell is in the eyes of the other.” But that is exactly the same as saying that people confirm each other in the meeting.

The question is why man must live in a social society.

But this living together also has a lot of interesting implications.Very briefly, it implies that we often arrange and admit to social pressure. When everyone says that something is beautiful, we also find it beautiful. Experiments have been done in this.

If you’re only in a room and smoke appears, you’ll grab it. If there are others, chances are that you are not saying anything.Also if someone drowns and you are the only spectator then you grab in, there are hundreds to look at then you do nothing…

There are expiriments in obedience, where people torture others out of obedience.

Also, you can say that black is white, if everyone says so.

Social unrest, shame, fear of going away, is then the most important force to deny your own observations.

This is about research situations, in normal cases the majority of course has the right end.So then you just buy expensive pre-worn trousers, because you don’t want to fall like a failure.

In my own situation I have experienced that I come from a situation with little contact in a situation with a lot of contact, and that the feelings of shame are a tremendous stimulus.Especially my memory has improved enormously. (2 points on a scale of 10)

With social contact I mean really social contact.On the internet you are mainly talking to yourself. You can’t see Quora as a social activity, because you can project your own reality onto the other on the Internet much easier.

In a single conversation with another you can still manage this.But as soon as you encounter another one, you get conflicts that make you illusions and where you can no longer be dicks. This is the real encounter with the other.

A man who grows up without contact with others does not survive.

Children do not stay for a decade or two with their parents for nothing.

It shouldn’t be.However, if a man does not live in a social society, he must provide himself in all his needs.

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