Why should I use Node. js instead of PHP?

You shouldn’t!
Choose the programming languages you like to work with.

Don’t worry about popularity lists that are published monthly/annually because if you start today with COBOL85 (which is considered a stick old language that only works on Mainframes) you will not have a day without work until your retirement and Even well paid as a programmer, just because banks are very difficult to find COBOL programmers.

Try out some programming languages, I myself have programmed in COBOL, C/C++, Java, C#, Javascript and PHP.My favorite languages turned out to be JavaScript and C# while in Java there are just chills running across my back. What is actually weird considering c# and Java are so similar and yet I feel better with the syntax of C#.

Today I only use JavaScript as a programming language for test automation and at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) I speak .NET functionalities, but with VB (dot) NET instead of C# .NET.

So unless you want to learn a very rare programming language that has never been much developed, it really doesn’t matter what language you learn.

Have fun!

No idea actually.What are you trying to develop? Perhaps ASP. NET or Ruby on Rails better.Or Java, Python or any other programming language…

I don’t understand that obsession that people have with the idea that one language is better than the other, regardless of the context behind it.Node. JS is a great language if you are really only familiar with JavaScript and still need to build a complete website.This allows more amateurs to develop good sites anyway.

With PHP, you should also be able to use JavaScript because JavaScript is especially important in the front-end. But PHP is only suitable for web development and therefore only for the visual part.If you really want to get started with PHP, you should also use ANSI C or C++ within your project because you can reuse important parts for other projects.

I’ve noticed that some PHP developers just don’t take total account of other development environments.So I had to ever for an ASP. NET Web site to link to Web services that were developed by another company.Normally this is very simple and you will receive an interface to link to. Instead I got a PHP file with the instructions how I could just add it in my (PHP) code… Pardon? So Web services don’t work at all! The purpose of Web services is to be language-neutral and these services could only be invoked from PHP. And that does not work.

(I eventually created a parser that could convert the PHP file to C# code, with some caveats, and get it still reasonably working.But that kind of tricks you just don’t want if there is a generally accepted web standard.)

But good.I have also worked with PHP myself. And with Python, Java and even COBOL. Have also built beautiful things in BASIC and Pascal but also C, C++ and C# I am well acquainted with. And to determine what to use, I first look at the problem that needs to be solved. I come first on paper with the best solution and how it should be built up in terms of structure and algorithms and only then do I think about which language is best to solve it.

In short, it does not matter.Choose what best suits your solution…

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