Why should I read a book if I can see a movie on which the book is based?

The film adaptation is often different from the book.The storyline in general is retained, however, the details may vary. A film that is too faithful to the book can be boring and take too long. An example of this is the Dutch film far from Family (2008),[1 based on the book of the same name by Marion Bloem from 1999.

In addition, if you read a book for school or for your study, it’s not just about the story.The goal is to develop other skills, including reading abilities in a strange and critical thinking. How well can you understand this text?

When I was younger, when I read a novel, I found the storyline important.But now that I have grown older, I appreciate the language and the nicely formulated sentences more.

With this I can conclude, that a book and a film are two different art forms.


[1 distant from family (film)-Wikipedia

Because the film is more of a concentrate of the book.

Ready Player one has other challanges and more references to movies and things that the film itself could not use and therefore had to be replaced.

Harry Potter There is a true spirit of Slytherin who is very antagonistich and Hermoine runs a house elven Liberation Front, which even helps her in the fight for Hogwards, and that is not in the FIL,

Juraasic Park seems to be just a little bit on the book, there are many more people dying in the book and Grand is not a child hater in the book, the opposite even, and so is timmmy the computer nerd and is his sister a sports obsessed girl ,

And then you also have it against overstated, The Hobbit, omg why had so much nonsense added to it to make 3 movies, The Hobbit is a reasonably thin booklet compared to The Lord of the Rings, and they were given 3 films of the same length and were cut into a lot

The reason you should read a book instead of just watching the movie is because the stories are often different with better and deeper Thema芒 鈧劉 s as books you don’t look anything and you prefer to watch the movie that’s good too.I didn’t read a lot of comics myself but I did enjoy the Marvel movies

A film has a different logic than a book.It looks more like a short story. A good film adaptation of a book does not tell the book, but takes it as a starting point and creates its own story. Plot, atmosphere, and moral of book and film can be totally different.

Sometimes one wants to tell the book, but these are the bad adaptations.You may wonder why you have to go to the film, because you can read the book anyway.

There should of course be nothing but it are different media and eventually you read a book with a purpose or you watch a movie with a purpose and there is a different context.

That means a different experience.

With my wife romantic to the film can, with my wife to a book does not go.

A book has a style, perspective, a language one often contains parts that are not captured in images, such as that game with the language.

A film has a rhythm, camera perspective, and exposure which is quite different from a book, visual effects that a book does not have.A movie at home is a different experience than in the BIOS, just because of the atmosphere and it’s out.

They are just two completely different experiences, even though the story happens to be the same.

A film sets other demands on the storyline than a novel.Visual effects are so important that the story is often adjusted for that reason. A film often lacks the reflection on things you can find in a novel, because reflections take the speed out of Ern film, while in a novel a Leaf with reflections is very pleasant because for example you can make characters Better learn to know.

Because the film usually seems very little on the book.And because only very superficial people do that;-).

Reading use your internal imagination.

Movies often grab a plot of a book, but the details don’t match.In films, a spectacle is often made or storylines are completely omitted. Books, movies and sometimes games can be really far apart in terms of story. It’s just for what purpose you want to read/See/play a story.

For school/study assignments I would just pick up the book.

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