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(John 17:3) (NW)……. This means eternal life, that they continue to receive knowledge within themselves about you, the only true God, and of him whom you have sent out, Jesus Christ.

(John 17:17) (NW)……. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.

But – I believe – that it is necessary beforehand to provide you with proof that the Bible is the inspired word of God!

The Bible – The Word of God or Man?

How did the God of the Bible ensure the credibility of its divine origin?


the Bible writers testified that they had written under inspiration or that they hadtestifyin (2.Sam.23/2; 2.Tim.3/16; John 17/17; 2.Petr.1/21)

That would not be proof in itself, of course, but it is part of the whole structure of evidence; Jesus never relied on Jewish traditions other than the part of the Hebrew scriptures known as the Old Testament in his argument.


The Bible writers were distinguished by honesty

They did not try to glorify anything (as has often been noted by other historians).They reported defeats as honestly as they did victories. They also honestly reported serious misconduct by individual servants of God; through the constant rebellions of the people against the moral customs of God to the assassination of Jesus Christ.


Tradition of The Scriptures

As for the tradition by transcriptions, the copywriters were motivated in that they wrote off in the conviction that they were copying the word of God and worked carefully.Over time, the custom of even counting the letters and words became commonplace.

How carefully the Sopherim worked can be seen from the finds of Quumram (at the Dead Sea).Among these finds, with the exception of the book of Esther, all Bible books are represented, but mostly only in fragments. The Jesaia scroll was completely present, of the Psalms 36 copies, of the fifth book of Moses 29 copies, of the other books often less than a tenth. But from these finds it was possible to see how exactly it was written off.

As far as the Christian-Greek scriptures or the so-called New Testament are concerned, there are three complete copies of the copy, which go back to the original from a number of copies, which are the “codex vaticanus”, “the codex sinaiticus” and the “codex alexandrinus”; in between a lot of fragments, the oldest of which (a piece of the Gospel of John) was dated to the beginning of the second century (which was not only due to radiometric methods, but also on the basis of then in use fonts).

So, as far as the sequence of copies is concerned, there is little doubt about the correct tradition; inthetical to falsifications have crept in with regard to translations, mostly from the theological conviction of the translator, but these can be identified on the basis of reliable transcriptions.However, the number is often overestimated, but the effects were often very important. [1


since the God of the Bible is concerned that his word should be as accessible as possible to all people, he has ensured the widest possible dissemination.The Bible is by far the most widely used religious book; this despite the fact that for more than 500 years the “layman” was forbidden to read the Bible in the vernacular and various translators were persecuted by the Inquisition with the threat of death penalty.


the God of the Bible did not have the Bible written as a scientific textbook, but since God is omniscient, it contains statements that go far beyond the knowledge of the times at that time, and when it makes scientific statements, it is accurate and accurate with the facts (not always with theories).For example, their geographical, historical, astronomical and other data have been repeatedly confirmed, but never refuted, by excavations, although many have been questioned before.


Parallel reports, such as the synoptic Gospels, show that they were not write-offs, but reports that took place from the point of view of the respective writer, with age, mentality, occupation and the like playing a role here. Played


Although about 40 scribes have written on the 66 books of Holy Scripture, often with time differences of centuries, the Bible has a uniform theme from beginning to end and is completely harmonious; thus free of (real) contradictions, which suggests a truth-loving author who has monitored the transcripts.Contradictions arise only through incorrect interpretation.


The author of the Bible has reserved the right to be the interpreter of his word (Genesis 40/8; 41/16; Dan.2/28).Accordingly, the correct rule for interpreting the Bible is: “TheBible explains the Bible”; this is particularly true of the parts of the Bible written in symbolic language.The God of the Bible has ensured that the “code” for deciphering the Bible was often written centuries in advance, without the scribes of these acts being aware.


the God of the Bible has ensured that we have received reasonable and thus satisfactory answers to questions on which, in the worldly sense, “the mind” has already broken our heads in vain, such as “the origin of life (especially its complexity). , which today knows science like never before in the history)”, existence of evil, “what the future brings”, “sense of life” etc.


the application of biblical moral standards, despite the imperfection of man, yields the best results in relation to interpersonal relations; which suggests that the “constructor” of man knows best about his “construction”.(Jes.48/17)


many servants of God (especially after the ministry of Jesus on earth) have confessed with their lives that what they have seen and heard is based on truth.(Acts 4/20)


Only the God of the Bible has worshipdens from the beginning of human history to the present day


had; most “gods” are only of historical interest.


the God of the Bible has proved himself to be a God who has made events centuries and millennia in advance, often in great detail, and, unlike fortune tellers, clairvoyants, and various prophets, has a 100% success rate; and thus challenged the future forecasters and astrologers of other nations to do the same (Isaiah 47/12,13).An example of this is the Messiah prophecies:

The Total these points (not individual points alone) are proof that the God of the Bible is the true God and the Bible is his revealed word.Jeho.vas witnesses are, of course, willing to provide detailed information, clarify details, answer relevant questions and comment on objections for the sum of these allegations.

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Translation basis of the biblical quotations: NW_Translation

Messiah prophecies

regarding his first appearance

Prophecy Fulfillment

Hebrew Scriptures Christian Scriptures


Genesis 49/10 Mat.1/1,2

The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the Book of the History of Jesus Christ the Son

Commanding staff between his feet, David, the son of Abraham: 2 Abraham was

until Sloh comes; and to him becomes the obedience of the father of Saak; He became the father of Jacob;

Peoples belonged to Jacob became the father of Judah and his brothers

All the kings of Judah from David to the last, Zedekiah, came from the tribe of Judah; from Babylonian exile to the appearance of the Messiah, there was no longer a Judean king, only governors of the respective ruling world power.The one “to whom it belongs” was supposed to appear at the beginning of the first century, but not yet appear as an incumbent regent; he was first to act as a Redeemer.


Mica 5/2 Mat.2/1

And you, o Béthlehem-aphratha, which is too small to be used after Jesus in The Ta=

to be among the thousands of Judas who were born to King Herod, they=

to you shall he, the ruler of Israel, who came from eastern areas.

origin of which is from the early days, to Jerusalem

from the days of indefinite time.

There were two Bethlehem in Palestine, hence the clarification of the prophet “Bethlehem-Efrata”.An important indication of the Prophet is that the expected Messiah has a pre-human existence.


Jess:7/14 Mat.1/22,23

Therefore http://Jeho.va himself will give you a sign: All these things may have been done in reality, that it may be fulfilled,

see!The mature, she really becomes swan= what Je.hova had said through his prophet,

And she gives birth to a son, and she says, 23″Behold!The Virgin Becomes Swan=

will certainly give him the name Imm’nuel.and will give birth to a son, and she will

will give him the name Imm’nuel,” which

translated “With us is God” means


Jer:31/15 Mat.2/17,18

“This is what J.ehova said: ‘In R’ma there will be a= At that time what was fulfilled by the prophet Je=

a voice, lamentation and bitter crying; remia, who says: 18 “A

Rachel weeps for her sons.She has refused, voice was heard in R’ma, crying and much

to be comforted by their sons, because they lament; it was Rachel who cried for her children=

are no more, and she did not want to be comforted, because they are no longer

Matthew certainly wrote down the historical truth.Critics doubt the historicity of this event, because there is no archaeological confirmation, which in itself proves nothing; it has often been the case that historians have been reluctant to report the indecency of rulers.



Jeson:40/3 Mat.3/3

Horch!Someone in the wilderness shouts: “This is it that is actually through Isaiah,

Away Jeh.ovas!Make for our God the land= the prophet in these words was spoken

road through the desert plain straight” Horch!Someone in the wilderness shouts: ‘Prepare the

Away Je,hovas!Makes his streets straight.


Hos:11/1 Mat.2/15

“When Israel was a lad, I loved him, and he kept there until the end of his life.

from Egypt I called my son.Herod, so that what Jeho,va

had spoken through his prophet, who

says, “From Egypt I called my son.”


Isa.61/1,2 Luk.4/17-19,21

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Jehov.a is upon me, and he was given the book roll of the prophet Isaiah.

because Jeh.ova anointed me to the Gentle= and he opened the scroll and found the

to make a good message out.He has me= place where it was written: 18http://Jehov.as spirit is

sands to connect the broken Her= on me, because he anointed me to the poor gu=

to proclaim freedom to proclaim the prisoner’s message, he has sent me out

and the wide opening [of the eyes themselves in order to preach the prisoner’s release and

prisoners; 2 to proclaim the year of the restoration of sight to the blind, to

Goodwill on the part of Je.hovas and the day of The Ra= to send away the smashed as freed,

on the part of our God; to comfort all trau= 19 to preach Jeh.ova’s acceptable year…..”

ernden; Then he began to speak to them: “Today is

this scripture, which you have just heard,

have been.”


Dan:9/24-27 Gal.4/4

Seventy weeks are the ones that have come upon your people and as the limit of the fullness of time.

have been appointed upon your holy city, God sent his son, who was made of a woman.

to end the transgression and to end the sin was born and came to be under the law.

to prepare an end and to leis= for forgivement

and bring justice to an unseen level=

times and a seal on vision and prophet

and anoint the most sacred.25 And

you should know and have the insight that it is

from the outing of the word, Jerusalem again=

and to rebuild it again until [to the measurement

as, [the guide, seven weeks, and two more years,

will be sixty weeks.It will be rekeh=

and can actually be rebuilt, with ei=

public square and ditch, but in the Be=

of the times.26 And after the two-and-a-two=

tens of weeks [the Messas who=

with nothing for itself.And the city and the

holy place, the people of a leader who comes,

will bring them to ruin.And the end there=

from will be through the flood.And to the end,

there is war; what has been decided are Ver=

deserts.27 And he shall make [the covenant for the many =

keep it in force for a week; and half of the

Week he will raise sacrifice and sacrifice=

let them.And on the wing of heinous things

will be the one who causes devastation; and up to

to an eradication, then precisely what

it has been decided to also use the desolate lying



Jess:9/1,2 Mat.4/13-16

However, the gloom will not be as [to the And after he had left N’zareth, he came

Time when the land was in affliction, as at that and took residence in Cape Rnaum, which was by the sea in

earlier, when the land of Sobbulon and the area of Sobbulon and N’phtali were located, 14 thus

The land of N’phtali was treated with contempt and fulfilled as what was done by Isaiah the prophet=

one [had it brought to his honour at a later time— had been spoken, who said: 15 “O Land S’bulon

the road by the sea, in the area of the Jordan, Ga= and land of Naphtali by the road of the sea, jen=

lil’a of the nations.2 The people who are in the darkness of the Jordan, Galila of the nations.16 The people,

has seen a great light.As for those who sat in the in the in darkness, saw a great light, and de= land of deep shadows, light that was in an area of the shadow of death

is sat on them, “Light rose up to them.”


Ps:69/9 John 2/16,17

For true zeal for your house has devoured me, and he said to the pigeon sellers,

And even the insults of those who take you these things away from here!Stop the house mei=

have fallen on me.father into a department store!” 17 Be=

n disciples remembered that written

“The zeal for your house will devour me


Sach.9/9 Mat.21/4.5

Happy very, o daughter Zion.Jauchze in the Tri= This was in reality, so that it may be fulfilled,

umph, o daughter Jerusalem.see! Your king what was spoken by the prophet, who

himself comes to you.He is righteous, even saved, de= said, 5 “Tell the daughter Zion, “Behold!Your Kö=

humble and riding on a donkey, yes on a nig comes to you, mild-mannered and on a donkey

adult animal, the son of a donkey.riding, even on a filling, the boy of a

Last animal.’ “


Ps:78/2 Mat.13/35

In a proverb I will open my mouth; to be fulfilled with what is done by the Prophet=

I want to sprinkle riddles from the old days, who said, “I want to make my

Open mouth to parables, I want to proclaim things=

hidden from the foundation


Ps:69/4 John 15/25

Those who hate me without cause are even, but is it, that the word which is fulfilled in i

more than the hair of my head.The hrem GESETZ is written: ‘They have me

silence me, who hate mine for no reason.’

Enemies have become numerous.What I don’t

by robbery, I then returned


Ps.109/8.9 Acts 1/20

His days may turn out to be few; For it is written in the Book of Psalms:

The supervisory authority takes over another.9 May his place of accommodation be desolate, and may it be

sons become fatherless boys, And his no one dwell in it’ and: ‘His oversight

Woman is a widow taking over another.’


Ps.35/11 Mat.26/59

Violent witnesses stand up; What I did not seek in the meantime the chief priests and the ge=

they ask me.velvet Sanhedron after a false testimony=

Jesus to kill him


Score:13/7 Mat.26/31

“O sword, awake against my shepherd, yes, then Jesus said to them, “You all will be in the=

the strong man who is my comrade” has been made to stumble because of me this night.

the saying http://Jehov.as of the hosts ,be slaped, for it is written: “I will

to the shepherds, and may the sheep of the flock slay shepherds, and the sheep of the flock shall be

be scattered; and I will surely mei= be scattered

a hand to return to the insignificant




Jeson.53/3-8 Mat.8/16.17

He was despised and shunned by men, but after it had become evening,

a man destined for pain and for the ver= one many of the dines possessed to him; and he

being familiar with illness.And it was as if the spirits were cast out with one word, and he healed

someone’s face from us.He was a weabe of all those who were ill, 17 that he could be fulfilled,

and we thought it was nothing.4 Verily our what was spoken by Isaiah the prophet

He has borne diseases himself; and what was ours, saying, “He himself took our

Pain, he has loaded it on himself.We are sick and have borne our sufferings.”

but considered him troubled, beaten by God

and depressed.5 But he was made for our Ü=

bertretung pierced; he was made for our Ver= Jn.19/37

smashed.The chastening that says un= And yet another scripture: “They will

served peace, [lay on him, and his= look at THE whom they have pierced

Wounds have become healing for us.6 As the passage of the scripture, which he read aloud, was this:

Sheep we have all wandered around; we have signed up to

each one on his own path; and Jeho=

va himself has let our all forgetfulness meet him=

Sen.7 He was pressed hard, and he never let himself be=

the pressure; but he did not put his mouth on=

Intervention.He became like a sheep for slaughter Apg.8/32,35

led by the and as a ewe, which before his “Like a sheep he was led to slaughter,

Silenced, he also nursed his mouth, and as a lamb, muted before his shearer.

not to open up.8 Because of limitation and judgment, he does not open his mouth….

he was taken away; and who will also open his mouth to Philppus, and with this

[to deal with the details of his generation?beginning with the written word, he proclaimed to him the good

For he was separated from the land of the living.Message about Jesus.

Because of the transgression of my people, he suffered the



Jess.53/9 Mat.27/59.60

And he will be his tomb even with the wicked, and Joseph took his body, and wrapped it in pure,

and at the rich class in his death, fine canvas 60 and put him in his new

although he had not committed any acts of violence and no commemorable tomb he carved out in the rock

Trug was in his mouth.And after he put a large stone to the

Door opening of the memory tomb, he walked away.


Ps.16/10 Acts 2/31

For you will not leave my soul in the sheel.he has foreseen the resurrection of the

You will not allow your loyal-minded Christ to speak, that he will not leave in the H’des

the pit was seen, nor that his flesh saw the decay


Ps.118/22 Mark.12/10

The stone that the builders rejected, Is you never read this scripture: ‘The stone

become the head of the corner.which the builders have rejected, this is

Became the main corner stone

How does this prophecy be explained, if not by God?And this prophecy is one of many. Smart minds think they were written down retrospectively. This interpretation is refuted by the fact that the Jews – who do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah – also have them in their Bible.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing and free to help people learn the Bible (more precisely).

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[1) the author of this compilation may provide relevant documentation.

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