Why isn’t anyone stopping Donald Trump?

Funny question, no easy answer at all!

  1. Trump is democratically elected and therefore legitimate.

He has been appointed by the people as his president for an initial four years. In this respect, why stop it? We are not even stopping the undemocratically elected or dictatorial presidents and leaders or resisting the influence of unelected leaders in the EU institutions.

  • At the US national level, the issue has been raised several times.
  • The various investigations are dragging on, we do not know what is behind it. Either they don’t want to come to a conclusion or they can’t because someone makes the investigation difficult for them or whatever. We can only observe that. We lack the necessary insight.

  • At international level, the question is exciting, especially if you reinterpret it a little in the direction: Why does no one deal with it accordingly?
  • And here we and all the other nations must take our own noses. Trump is acting nationalistly and says so. The other nations do so for the most part, but they do not admit it and say that they act collectively. So the first mistake: a lack of self-knowledge, which could then lead to a rethink in action. It is not dealt with collectively, because every nation thinks that if it acts independently, it can gain its own advantage. That’s exactly Trump’s calculus: Split the big communities into small units and then pull them over the table one at a time. He says this openly and he said this during the election campaign and had it written in his books. So you could know that (or google again to ‘Trump Negotiation’).

    Trump is negotiating just like that. First, he demonstrates his power.Then he says he gets involved in something, then pulls back and takes something away from the opponent. And then see what happens. Then he gets back into the trial and, if necessary, does it. a worse offer than before. And because the opponent has not yet come out of crying, he then settles in on worse conditions. Or he briefly abandons tariffs for Europe and hits China. Meanwhile, Europeans rejoice that it does not affect them. But the pendulum then strikes back. So Europe, too, is acting selfishly when it is not important, instead of seeking fair trade for the world. He shall call this negotiating act openly and be readable. The trade war is just such a game of negotiation. But no one is dealing with it accordingly. Sure, it started, but because of the lack of wisdom of our politicians, the whole thing escalates. How about that if the EU and China or Russia agreed and removed trade barriers? In other words, we were looking for other trading partners? How quickly would the US be back on board out of its own interests? After all, it would be argued that legal certainty, confidence in agreements with the United States, etc. are currently being massively damaged. On the basis of what confidence should who enter into contracts with the United States in the future?

    Trump wants a negotiator on an equal footing.He acts like him. He can take it seriously. He doesn’t go on the defensive when Trump is working to give a picture of unpredictability, which gives him good room for negotiation. He does not come and begs and begs and refers to the old times. Times just change and you have to adapt. It seems difficult for our elected representatives to adapt. Do we have anything to offer in terms of economic power, market power, etc. or not? If we are so dependent on the United States, then we just have to follow in the footsteps. If we are not, we must react self-confidently (or in other words: must react to the cocky child as an adult). It’s up to us to let him get away with it or not. Otherwise, the bucky child will win!

    Trump would be stopped if the world community simply said, OK, the US is now getting out of one thing or another, let’s accept that we will continue as before because we are convinced that we are on the right track.And if the Community were to continue consistently, the US would eventually be isolated and would have to re-enter on much worse terms or with more concessions. If you now see in this game that there are great dependencies, for example on the dollar, then you would have to counteract this and solve these dependencies. No nation in the world is currently going to oppose US sanctions against Iran if Iran is ultimately to pay with oil. Oil is billed in dollars worldwide, and it passes through American banks and thus through the American sphere of influence. If there were an alternative, US power would be broken. Sadam Hussein has stumbled upon it, and presumably the US will also put other smaller players in its place to prevent this. But if there was an alternative, the nations would take power away from the US in this field. What would that look like if there were an alternative as an international currency? If oil were billed in euros (funny idea), in rubles or renminbi? Or in gold?

    So instead of asking the question, how do you stop Trump? How do you get the world community to act collectively?.This would answer many more questions in one fell swoop. It’s like a bucky kid: you let it go, ignore it, and when it’s nice again, you can play along again.

    However, this question is much more difficult because we would have to move on ourselves.Goofy. So let’s get back to the question of how to stop Trump and come back the good old days. Mr Comey, Mr Mueller: I wish you every success!

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