Why is VTM considered a television channel for the lower classes?

If you want to profile as a transmitter for as large a group as possible, then you are not going for a limited elite.

The ‘ lower classes ‘ is a much larger group in number than the ‘ higher classes ‘ (without an evaluative judgement on this matter).

So the transmitter will focus on the biggest common denominator of this larger group.

I do not know whether this assertion is still valid, but at the beginning this was a statement that VTM itself encouraged.The reasons were obvious.

Nevertheless, first a small remark: with the ‘ lower ‘ class it is clearly meant that people with lower education and cultural interest, not necessarily workers nor 4th world, although there is inevitably an overlap.

VTM had to (and still must) survive from advertising.People of the ‘ lower ‘ class are much more easily more influential and thus automatically the natural target group of VTM. Note that those viewers did not all of the BRT, now VRT, came. On the contrary, very many came from the Dutch channels (“Handsome programs with nice prizes”; more on that later).

When VTM started up, it was clearly chosen for a discolour of the news.That was, of course, not said. Was used among other things ‘ more understandable ‘. In reality, the news was brought in a language with limited vocabulary, and if a ‘ difficult ‘ word was used (e.g. by a politician), that was explained on the spot. I know many vtm adepts from the first hour (for clarity, I didn’t) and this element was always first pushed forward.

Second point were the ‘ handsome programs with great prizes ‘.In the meantime, the Dutch were already off the steps of this type ‘ 70ER programmation and the fact that VTM picked up this was a happy reunion for a part of the population. The easier the ‘ kwis ‘ the nicer the prices. Healer kitchens flew the door in upper-lower and Wheel of Fortune land. The fact that the viewers were getting the double so caught by the down throats on top of their legal dose of advertising did not attack them.

These two reasons were therefore the main cause that the ‘ lower ‘ class fell as a block for VTM.

In the meantime, a lot has happened.The VRT had to win back from the government viewers and could do so in one way: Vtm partly copifying (soaps, quizzes that name unworthy (blocks!!!),…). From a part of his own shame, Canvas was pounded out of the ground, and after a few years in one move, it was killed. VTM tried to regain the midfield, the discolored turned back (hired ex-VRT people) but also started a second channel, but really one where brains are redundant. And then as icing on the cake: “4” (or whatever they are called). This channel is right in the water of VTM, both in terms of target group and revenues.

I’ll be back on my comment above: The assertion was correct, but that is no longer relevant today.

Target group, different assignment and earning model.

BVB Canvas offers “added value” and most people who appreciate it are of the “Higher” class.

VTM offers a wide range aimed at the highest possible viewing figures.And thus they speak more of the “lower” class.

Or more correct: VTM is aimed at a broader, larger target group.

The difference between VTM and one is M.I. very small.
The use of “lower” class is M.I. little useful.

Hockey would be a sport for the “Higher” class, I find nothing elitist or high on a thick wallet.The sport is also not significantly “more complex” or “lift fender” than roughly football. The players are not necessarily smarter. The big difference is that it appeals to a smaller audience and that between that audience some high-earning. Higher my hairy ass.

It is a matter of the fact that VRT HAS to spend a part of its (tax) money on the uplifting programs that are aware that the target group is small. Culture and interpretation do not attract many people.

Not that VTM is dirty from those programs, but it lives on advertising revenues and cannot afford it.Advertisers prefer to pay for advertising blocks in widely watched programs.

This is why VRT thought that VTM was very little threatening for its added value offer.Until the news of VTM got much better viewing figures than that of the house. And qualitatively too.

That was a solid wakeup call, where the VRT editorial team M.I. has responded more than adequately.

Meanwhile, VTM is one of the many commercial channels and has lost a lot of power.

Frankly, I would be delighted that the competition had to be a bit brighter.I think VRT has a few good journalists and debaters, but the diving programs are really not good. Or, well, should be much better. Despite BVB a Phara de Aguirre, I just don’t look at those stupid Welles nietes debates in which people can say the coolest things without any challenge. BVB France and the Netherlands do so much better.

VTM or the Flemish television company is a Belgian commercial station. [1 even more so: this is the largest Belgian commercial transmitter.It is then expected that a commercial station broadcasts popular programmes, which are accessible to a wide audience. As a result, the quality of some programs can be at the low end and they are soon considered suitable for mass consumption.

The latter is soon interpreted as suitable for the lower class.People of higher class look naturally at programs with more depth and abhor these kind of transmitters.

I hope I’ll satisfy you with my answer Carlos Mart铆nez S谩nchez (Carlos Mart铆nez S谩nchez).


[1 vtm-Wikipedia

The level of the programs is very low, the language used is very simple.

VTM is a transmitter that focuses on the little demanding viewer.

It is a bit pejoriative to talk about “lower classes”-there are those who have not enjoyed higher education but still like to read a good book or watch a TV programme of a certain level.However, you are at the wrong address for VTM.

Why is VTM considered a television channel for the lower classes?

Because the upper class does not know the transmitter.(Irony mode off)

After the death of King Baudouin, Albert and Paola started a series of state visits.As a journalist I experienced some of them and so I sat on board the anything but luxury airplane.

Once ascended, it is customary for the king and Queen to have a short chat with the French and Dutch journalists.

Just behind me was a journalist from the then young VTM.Queen Paola: ‘ What medium are you? Vtm? Vtm?.. Ah, you ne connais pas. ‘

Uncomfortable silence.

On which the vorstin: ‘ On ne therapist pas tout conna卯tre, n’est pas ce pas? ‘

And therefore VTM is for the suckers:-D

In the meantime, some other Dutch channels have been added with programs where our Queen (yes, in Belgium retains an ex-queen that title) probably does not look at it or only as guilty pleasure.Temptatioooon…

VTM is a broad, commercial transmitter that everyone from 8 to 88 must address with “PiS, poop and Kotshumor”, or in other words, with very simple, non-controversial programs that everyone understands and whose humor at the highest reaches the level of jokes You find on a tear calendar.It is often mindless entertainment that contributes little to the rest. This is previously associated with a lower class.

It is a typical transmitter for the passive viewer, who looks at what is happening to him or her, regardless of the type of content (one is even worse).

In other words:

Luckily, they dare to experiment at times and make good programs (like eg. The Crown witnesses).

Put a transmitter as a Canvas, “the transmitter of the Nazi documentaries”, where you often have to look carefully and have a certain interest and knowledge to get something out of it.

Canvas Of course has the luxury to have a little more freedom because they do not pursue commercial interest.

I have no idea of that.I just look at football on VTM.

Another aspect is that in the early period many presenters/program makers were seen as “Volkse” enterrtainders.Walter Capieau, Jan Thijs, Willy Sommers, Gertie Chris toffels, Margriet Hermans, etc…

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