Why is trust in the media declining?

If you constantly hear things that do not match reality or the one you experience, then you lose confidence.

Take the unemployment statistics and the reports in the media about them.There is always a celebration that we have a shortage of skilled workers. Everywhere, we are looking for skilled workers everywhere, in every industry. Especially in care. Then we often have a lot of vacancies that cannot be filled because there is no one who can or wants to work.

But now many people have lost their jobs because the company has either switched to automation or closed the plant because they can produce more cheaply abroad.Now they are looking for work, but they are finding nothing. In some cases, the employment office even offers them the company as a job, which they threw out because it was closed. Now people are slowly realizing that something is wrong here. Even the marches of the wage increases no longer believe many, because when it is reported in the media that wages have risen by an average of 2%, but one has not even received more money for 4 years, then one becomes a bit stupid. Because in the circle of acquaintances there are also enough who do not get more money, but even experienced a pay cut, because they were denied leave.

Then people will also notice the re-enamours that are being reported about the American presidents.Obama was the climate president, but he did as much as his predecessor. But he talked about being able to better protect sharks while eating shark fin soup. But it is enough to talk about it. Then he was also the tolerant president who brought in Mexican migrants. But that was not true, because it was also known that during Obama, more illegal immigrants were kicked out than under his predecessors. But now Trump is the bad guy, because he wants to build a wall. He is probably building them only to prevent the migrants who were thrown out under Obama from returning to America.

Iconic photo: Crying girl was not separated from mother

These things happened before Trump, but the media reports on Trump as if he were the devil and Obama an angel.

Many people are now realizing that.Then there is the scolding of fake news in the media, as if the media abroad were just lying and cheating. The only people who really spread the truth are the German media. This, of course, also makes you suspicious. Because when I tell the truth, why do I have to stress it again and again? When foreign citizens look at the media from their homeland or were there just before, visiting relatives, they often realize that what is being told in the German media is not really true. But then the foreigners lie or are too doofto to interpret this correctly. There is indeed a statistic in which professions the most narcissists are represented. And journalists are at the top of the list. And narcissists lie that the beams bend.

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