Why is time not directly measurable?

Time cannot be measured, because one can only grasp a substantial spatial distance, which one then mathematically interprets as time.Therefore, time is not “directly” measurable. The “real time” does not exist within our three dimensions, it is an indeterminate cause, a spatial effect that we understand as a movement. This paragraph alone will cause at least 70% of readers to think of something like “mischief”. The remaining 30% have already skipped sales long ago.
Time is a cause and The Planck length would be the deputy substantial spatially marked effect.So you can also understand the space as a time scale, where the times are marked at Planck ianpoints. But these smallest Planck length pieces are only the brand where the time pointer is currently positioned. We call movement a sequence of this constantly unidirectional positioning. If this constant positioning of the pointer were to be stopped, then time stands still, so to speak, and nothing moves any more.

So this is the only fundamental physical process in our universe at all, the effect of time.Therefore, there can only be a basic speed of action, which we know as the speed of light. That would be a logical conclusion, but the standard model of physics ignores it. See what mechanism is hidden behind the constantness of the speed of light?
and why light always moves at C

Therefore, nothing in the universe is changed between the markings.The distance between two markers, between two points, cannot be determined because it requires another scale that determines the time period or length of the time span. Such a scale does not exist. Any variance of time, especially stretchability, thus has no effect in our universe. We could not notice it, not grasp it, not measure it or determine it mathematically.

Even if the atomic clocks still “tick” so precisely, the frequency of a cesium atom is ultimately a distance measurement, which is determined via lambda.And Lambda is ultimately a route where the speed of light determines the consistency of the smallest length.

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The fact that atomic clocks cannot measure time directly, but only cover spatial geometric distances, is now described in detail in my blog.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to discover an opportunity for a discussion here in the Forum Quora, otherwise I would have made this a topic, because the circumstance of “the not directly measurable” raises questions, which in no way calls into question Einstein’s theory, but the Phenomenon time dilation (see ‘ Does relativity slow down time?) then finds an absolutely more comprehensible natural and simple explanation, which forces a rethink and does not call into question existing laws.It would only broaden our understanding of what we could discover new things with.

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Since the time dilation makes any physical process run more slowly, the measurement process itself will also be affected by this or

subject to the same effects. In the end, you can only measure the distance that a substantial object has been moved. The difference of the distance can therefore only be determined by the speed of light in order to calculate the supposed time-length. The bridge stretching over the occult swamp of time is like a straight line over a crumb. This is how Einstein ran out of dimensions, because another spatial 4th dimension was still a conventional taboo then as it is today. A real spatial dimension could plausibly answer all the problems of physics.

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The angular velocity of a laser beam would be a better tool to measure time stretching than an atomic clock.

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If it is correctly demonstrated academically that photons collide, then a constant time is also proven.But that is why it is also proven that time cannot be measured directly or indirectly. The world of physics is just waiting for this to finally be confirmed academically correctly, just look for something about the subject “… and they collide“.Because science is struggling with bonitistic geometry.

In my block you can find out more about the quantum of time at:
What is a 4D movement, what keeps it so stable at the speed of light and what causes the length contraction?What does this ultimately have to do with the quantum of action?

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