Why is Thilo Sarrazin so controversial?

If you don’t have a number, he says, then “you have to draw one that points in the right direction, and if no one can refute it, then I’ll prevail with my estimate.”

That in advance – Thilo Sarrazin was refuted.Even empirically, from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

You could know that if you like.It might not come as a surprise anyway, after Sarrazin’s admission to the Süddeutsche Zeitung in March 2010.

Whether Sarrazin is “evil”, I cannot judge.But one thing seems obvious to me: he isvain.

Thilo Sarrazin became known to the wider public when he seased his controversial views on Hartz IV recipients.He received particular attention because he did so as a former finance senator in Berlin.

He seems to have liked this, because shortly afterwards he took the Muslims to task.Including book publication and great media echo 2010.


Shortly before the turn of the century, my best Turkish friends were called Can, Alpaslan, Hakaan and Dilan.

With Can we drove for nights in the Nissan station wagon of his strict father (without him) in search of entertainment (and often found none).In addition, he dragged us to various football pitches of the county leagues to finally play football again (which failed again and again for various reasons).

Alpaslan was a mad street philosopher.He also had a short time. Mostly broke but he was always there. Unless we were with Can. They didn’t like each other.

Hakaan stood out mainly for his small height and loose mouthpiece.

Dilan was a daughter of two teachers and is now a journalist.We watched the “silence of the lambs” on VHS two dozen times. Slightly less often “Little Sharks”.

My sister had a Turkish friend.

My best (German) friend had a Turkish girlfriend.

Welcome to Gelsenkirchen, 1998.Sounds like a multicultural is from today’s point of view. But that’s how it was. Meantime.

Their origins have never been an issue – at least not a serious one.When we talked about politics, we didn’t talking about distant Turkish presidents. Then we talked about Germany.

The pop-cultural orientation was particularly starkly different from today.“Turkish pop” did not hear any of them at the time. When this kiss song became knownat that time, we all found itsilly.

All of them have Hip Hop or “Gangsta Rap” heard.Well, except for me. This shaped their youth culture. Turkey was only the land of her parents.

“Parallel societies” were an exotic theme.From exotic families. And had more to do with the consequences of housing construction and the eternal belief that the “guest workers” of the 1950s would disappear at some point.

xenophobic?These used to be the skinheads. The “Nazis”. Clearly defined fringe groups. Passively aggressive were also the Unclez fans of our age. At least those who felt oppressed by something in their bourgeois neighborhoods. Mom. Or Dad.

If you didn’t skip my slot, then you might guess – we’ve been on before.We’ve been closer to each other before.

Even 11 September 2001 could not change this.Not Afghanistan either. Not Iraq, either. That was the case for a few years.

And the Sarrazin has changed.

And that brings us to her actual question, Mr Questioner.

Why is Sarrazin so controversial?

Thilo Sarrazin has motives about which we can only speculate.Facts invented, facts distorted (see here and here) and thus sketched out a scenario that was neither present nor foreseeable in 2010.

The consequences of this, we all bear to this day.

And by that I do not even mean the fact that for eight yearsnow, only with short breaks, we are essentially discussing thingsthat Sarrazin sucked out of his fingers at the time.

That alone would be bad enough – what objective debate about a Germany of different cultures can still be had today, without which any troublemaker, again the refuted, boiled porridge of Thilo Sarrazin throws into the debate – be it literally or literally or newly boosted by the AfD?

No, it also cost us a lot of money.

Have you ever heard of “subjective sense of security”?Ask your mayor – he definitely did. Suddenly, places that were never particularly noticeable in police statistics were declared “no-go areas” or hotspots.

Police strips have been placed to reassure people, as if real crimes aren’t already employment enough.In NRW, “municipal order services” suddenly became necessary, public places were redesigned.

Not because what would have happened.It is because the citizens were suddenly afraid that something might happen there.

Guess who was allowed to (and may) pay for it?

The coronation, for Gelsenkirchen, was a political event in a comprehensive school, in which all the students were overwhelmed to describe that they did not get off at a subway station because they were afraid of the people there (dark-skinned).What was not mentioned in the debate – the bus stop closest to the school was one after the said – so there was never any reason for the students to get off on their way to school.

This hysteria,which persists to this day, is not even the most tragic consequence of the soup, which Thilo Sarrazin has left us to spoon out.

The worst is the withdrawal

Sarrazins’s theses started a debate that would not have been thought possible.Especially in the generation of our parents, all dams seemed to break.

Suddenly, our Turkish-born neighbors had to justify themselves all the time.to explain. “Evidence” how special they are German – this is often demanded by people whose only contribution to being German so far has been made by their mother.

And no matter how much the individual may have tried, it was neverenough.They were always the others, the non-belongings, all decorated by the black-red-horn madness of national football, where “the Germans”, at least the self-declared especially Germans, celebrated themselves for being German.

In 2002, the fans of the Turkish national team celebrated with those of the German national team where the football fans celebrate in Gelsenkirchen – Ringstrasse, Höhe Grillo-Gymnasium.No aggression. Just a common joke. Incredible, but true.

People who, thanks to birth and socialisation, were never in question, that they were amongthem, Turkish-born girls who would rather have a season ticket for Schalke than anything else, were suddenly told by the majority society that they do not belong here.

Because of their appearance.Because of their supposed religion. In Turkey, they were already just “tourists”. Here they were now on permanent probation. Unjustifiably under general suspicion. Only you. And the Moroccans. And the Lebanese. But not the Russians. Not the Poles.

In Gelsenkirchen, we still get along reasonably well with each other.But something has changed. The protzkarre that passes by no longer plays Tupac. Not even “Kollegah.” She plays oriental dud.

They have retreated to where they were still welcome.To their neighborhoods and to their families. Their “home” is now their street – and the romantically transfigured image of an authoritarian Turkey whose consequences they have not suffered. “They” are more “the” than “we” again today. Some issues are avoided. You don’t talk openly anymore. Certainly not about “their” themes, that what is their own, what cannot be denied to them, what belongs to them thematically only.

Their “traditions”, Turkish politics.They no longer want an exchange on this. That was different. They want to stay for themselves today. The Turkish pizza baker is nice to me. We act normally, food for money. But he reacts completely in dismay when I ask him how he is doing.

The headscarf grandma can’t get out of the grateful nod when I hold the door open to her in the “net-from-hell”.

They don’t expect anything more from us.They remain for themselves.

There are people who make Sarrazin the biggest accusation that he has resurrected xenophobia in the middle of society.

There’s something about it.

But I accuse him of getting things rolling, probably out of sheer selfishness, which today represent very concrete problems for all of us.

We have lost parts of the “third generation”,smart, stupid, fat or pretty immigrant children, originally ready and open, now withdrawn and closed.

I’m pretty sure friends like Can, Alpaslan, Hakaan or Dilan, teenagers nowadays couldn’t find teenagers as easy as me.And they would be different friendships than they were then. Lived out at the main railway station rather than in the youth room at your birthday.

The majority reacted to the withdrawal of the minority with even more reservations.

Sarrazin’s theses became self-fulfilling prophecies.Some of what divides us more today than it used to, he originally initiated.

In general, such as the social climate, in the political as well as the AfD and everything that results from problems, in the financial everything that was decided and financed due to the hysteria, down to the very smallpart, down to the one who seeks his consolation in religion and goes on the glue of fanatical preachers, in order to finally race into a crowd with a truck.

Do you have any questions about why Thilo Sarrazin is “controversial”?

Believe me, in the case of Sarrazin, I would like to be a believer.Because of God’s just punishment.

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