Why is there so much violence in Brazil?

Servus Mr. Zanella,

I am not a statistician, psychologist or forensic scientist.

So I hope not to tap too much nonsense and I am happy to be persuaded with arguments.Learn here and often learn about it.

Brasiline’s politics.You have elected a difficult president, Jair Bolsenora, who thinks nothing of equality, ecology and important issues. He regularly draws attention to himself with racist, homophobic and violent statements.In his inaugural address, he announced his willto free Brazil from the “yoke of ideological submission.” from the weekly newspaper.

This man is entangled in the military actuation.He went from one party to another party and then on. That speaks for a politician. I don’t think so.

I can imagine that generates frustration, powerlessness and violence.

In addition, the fire of the important museum has also shown something for people all over the world.

A lot of money was spent on the World Cup.It was also time and again the language of corruption. And for the most important museum there was no more money for a 2 hydrant.

When they place this image side by side.Millions and billions for a festival of football and less than 10 km away is the most important museum of all South America. And there is no money there for the protection of very important documents. This is also the case for schools and universities in the country.

And not only in one city, but similar to the entire state.Then I can well imagine that there are many frustrated, impotent people, especially parents, who still want to live. They just don’t understand why there’s so much corruption. Those who do not want to understand or understand that their children and grandchildren have no chance. But you see the children of the big ground bestizers.

You can see how a political hopeful could drag Lula da Silva into prison.And now action is being taken against the prosecutors. Sometimes it’s hard to keep something like that out. And perhaps some Brazilians now see that they have chosen the wrong person after all.

I hope that we in Germany will also tackle our problem with the right and not only when they are in power.I mean the problem with the AFD (really one-sided, lazy and one-sided hate-filled politicians and their constituents), with right-wing radicals and even with terrorism from the right. And take action early enough this time.

But please don’t get me wrong.I am not in favour of violence. I am not in favour of corruption. And there are no excuses for everything.

And in other than me, do they ask many what they can do against the right?I do not yet know the answer. But S枚der (CSU Bayern) has to take an active action against the AFD with his pivot. In fact, success estrues in an election. So my appreciation to Munich. I hope that they may be able to take some information with them and do something with it.

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