Why is the Party Party so successful? (Please no satire responses)

So, very, very seriously!Without satire!

THE PARTEI was founded in 2004 by editors of the Titanic.The PARTEI wants the introduction of a “maximum voting age” as a supplement to the usual minimum voting age of 18 years, a penalty for climate change denial and a “maximum of existence” of one million euros.It also wants to change the electoral system and “introduce democracy” – “againstthe will of the electorate if necessary.”

To us, what is it?SO SUCCESSFUL?Sure, satire is the only alternative to realism!

In the European elections, The PARTEI achieved its greatest success since its inception.It won a huge 2.4% of the vote, winning two seats in the EuropeanParliament, which are held by Martin Sonneborn and Nico Semsrott.

But with the young people they have more success with their arrogance.

The party program begins with“We, the members of the PARTEI, put the people at the center of ourpolitics.” And then mentions goals and demands of the PARTEI, which meet with great approval in general.Denn who can be against it, that is what the one who does not see satire believes:

  • “a community in which everyone can develop according to their needs and abilities and is aware of their responsibility for society”
  • “a society in which individual performance is promoted and rewarded without regard to the person” and
  • “a community that does not leave its members alone in crisis situations and that leaves no one on the way to the future”.

The challenge is then made (Bravo) and everyone is addressed:

  • ‘a broad campaign for a far-reaching reduction in general working hours with full pay andbalance’,
  • a fair distribution of goods”
  • “equal life chances for all”,
  • “a sustainable reform of the health system”,
  • “an environmentally committed action

But then it comes, we know these words where else;

  • the Basic Law was not a valid constitution, but had been “imposed on the German people” by the occupying powers.


  • the introduction of popular initiative, referendum and referendum.
  • The new L盲nder are to be combined into a single “Eastern State”.
  • This should bear the name “Special Management Zone” (SBZ for short, in reference to the Soviet occupationzone) and “be structurally separated from the rest of the Republic”.

  • It calls for the construction of a wall, which derives from the last chapter of the party program.
  • This is also used in modified form in regional election campaigns with no direct connection to the former East-West border.

    Sonneborn describes the cause as a “populist vehicle.”He would not simply build the wall, but would hold a referendum. The PARTEI was also founded and the demand arose because “there was no debate at all in the feuilletons about whether we are perhaps very separate, we 鈥?and those over there.

    Sometimes I think they have established the Titanic as a party time-keeper and taken over directly (As was the question?…) The PARTEI

    1. … and wage fairness: link manager salaries to the size of the bra.
    2. Beer price brake now!
    3. MILF -Money instead Cougar -Pension
    4. Ac茅h

    Rural care This should be left to vets.

  • Species protection for the Greens
  • Citizens’ money Lower ingesce to unemployment benefit IIlevels.
  • Moderate epistocracy Knowledge issues as a prerequisite for the right to vote
  • Cap on refugees Germany should not be allowed to take in more than the Mediterranean.
  • G1 school system The answers for A-level examinations are to be announced in advance.
  • The Russian is to blame for everything The justification “It was Putin”is to be recognized by German authoritiesas guilt-free.
  • This party doesn’t need satire, it’s satire!

    Jo is already Christmas?Funny is it, satirical is… and your statements are often very good…….but can you make politics with them?

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