Why is the German language so difficult?

Personally, I feel more like my efforts to bend Mandarin quite far outside my comfort zone.
As a native German speaker in his late forties, it is no wonder.
Old iron and so on.
Although I imaginerecently heard a few words from the conversation between two Chinese on the train.
Yes, it was Mandarin and it was Chinese.
The wonderful rolling of the tongue with the protruding lower jaw and the lifting and lowering of the voice to the emphasis is the loveless thing about it.
After all, I’ve already recognized that.
My English is quite passable.
Unfortunately, speaking is quite rusty, because of missing opportunities.
For this I imagine to understand Cockney, the Scottish, Irish, and Australian dialects.
Are these dialects?
At least if I include corresponding media productions, such as films and audiobooks.
And in English-language productions, I always do that in the English language.
In case of doubt and as far as possible with English (!!!) Subtitles.
A theatrical performance of Henry the Vth in the original would have caused me some serious problems recently, however, if I hadn’t prepared for it.
My thanks to Kenneth Brannagh.
What a terrific language.
If I could listen for hours, I almost don’t understand a word since school.
Unfortunately, i only remember edled down various wonderful swear words and indecency.
For more, there is simply no time, as much as I would like to read Maupassant and Balzac.
And what would I do to see Belmodo in ‘Le Professionnel’, Delon in ‘Le samoura*’* or ‘Le testament du Docteur Cordelier’ in French.
I deliberately chose the verb ‘see’, in another language you can sometimes see the world with different eyes.
But I think the Sapir-Whorff hypothesis is a rough transfer.
Which brings me to the subject.
EVERY new language is more or less difficult for most adults.
If they come from another language family and culture, they are even more difficult.
Only reading, writing, speaking, thinking, practicing helps.
Every day.
Many hours.
Many years.
If you are not prepared to do so, you should ask yourself what you are doing in the country.
Even for a poppy two-week holiday, I would learn a few chunks of the language and carry a dictionary with me, be it on paper or digital.
Should it take me to a foreign language area for a long time, it would be my first and most important task to study the customs and customs of the native hosts carefully, to think about my part about it, and to learn the dear long day of their language.
No matter how difficult it is.
No matter how hurtit it hurts.
No matter how embarrassing it is.
No matter how much easier it seems at first glance to surround yourself with other native speakers.
Because in the familiar it is so homely and there is certainly also one or the other club with fixed roots in the homeland, who like to take care of one, completely without any intention other than Humanitas.
Turkish mosque associations, Kurdish national communists, Lebanese family associations, associations of Ukrainian wine importers, cliques of part-time female Thai marriage mediators with main occupation cleaner without Business registration, U.S. Chamber of Commerce tables with close ties to the military-industrial complex, professional cooperatives of Ghanaian art hair stickers, prisoner aid of Swedish femen, Silesian expellees associations, etc.Etc.
It is simply the people in the host country who owe it.
And in a double sense, they will only be understood by this.
And because I know my limits, I’m glad I don’t have to go to the Khoi Khoi or the Japanese.
But I’d just get into my sour tsamma melon or me.my mochi bite in the hope of not suffocating it and learning their language.
And no, I don’t think at all that you can insist somewhere on this planet that the natives there should adapt to the quirks of their guests in the long run.
Neither the Mallorcans on pale bloated German touris, nor I in Essen-Nordstadt to misunderstood, breakneck, weeping Erdogan Fan Boys.
Or, may the Lord forbid the Bavarians to visitors from the rest of the Republic.
Heaven, even sex tourists in Thailand probably don’t assume that the ladyboys know their language…
So please don’t whine.
Then it works with the next question on Quora.
By the way, I expect the explicit and implicitly stated above to be much more so from native speakers, no matter what a difficult childhood they had in front of the TV and their game consoles.

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