Why is the French government of Macron angry with the Dutch government who bought KLM’s shares?

I am a Frenchwoman who lives in the Netherlands and I do not endorse the behaviour of both countries.

About the French:

They have sinned by being arrogant and too comfortable.They have not been smart and now pay the price for it. I cannot say that I feel sorry for them: I am really annoyed by stupidity.

When Ben Smith named Air France the company for first-class customers and KLM’s business for economics, that was an arrogant and stupid thing to create the illusion that Air France has a premium status compared to KLM.

About the Dutch:

I know that the elections are imminent and that the political campaigns are going strong.What is a better move for a particular political party than the “sticking it to the French” in the name of Dutch sovereignty?

It seems to be an “acte de grandeur” for the country….. But all I see is a tactical maneuver.


  • I believe that the cultural differences between the Netherlands and France cannot be controlled by a Canadian.

This was a mistake to appoint Ben Smith for this position.

  • The French have certainly tampered with: constant strikes and poor management are clearly visible in the net result of both companies, as you can see in this table.
  • Source: \ nhttp://www.leparisien.fr/economie/air-france-klm-les-raisons-des-turbulences-entre-les-pays-bas-et-la-france-27-02-2019-8021703.php? fbclid = IwAR1Tk2gRdo1CPh8PmPqQA1EmdogNKqtWqnwj2r_ZblmqDy4Hzb5922b7HWc\n


    Even though it was most likely a political manoeuvre, the Dutch still manage KLM better than the French Air France.

    French like to think they are better and have a big mouth over it, but the figures speak the truth, and the truth is that too:

    The Dutch did better.

    (Tell no one French that I said that.)

    (Don’t tell the French!)

    Well, that will escape me too.

    The best thing I can make of it is: ‘ because they are French ‘. They may, of themselves, do things that others may not like, e.g. Air France/KLM shares. Why the Netherlands should not understand it only in France.

    And the argument that it is ‘ not neat ‘, ‘ behind the back ‘ of the French, is a power argument.After all, who decides if something is neat or not? Right: the French. Why is it only in France.

    The idea behind the purchase distrust is of course true.We fear ‘ The French battle ‘: messy, unskilled work. And, given the events of last year, there is every reason for this; From Dutch optics The French themselves help Air France to soap. But it was Dutch stupidity to go to sea with the French. French management is a dramatic management from Dutch perspective; French employees are a collection of toddlers from Dutch perspective: every no one will cease.

    My idea: Acquire a majority stake as a Dutch state.

    Cool question!

    This has to do with the fact that the Dutch state has done so secretly, at least without prior consultations with the French state.This might have been a way of our state to gain more influence on the conflict which plays Internally In airfrance-KLM on the appointment of Elbers (Dutchman) as CEO.

    We of the money Press-financial news, but then as it should be. have also written a piece about it.If you like that, reading is free:

    Share Air France-KLM down by purchase Dutch government-the money press

    Hope to have answered your question adequately!



    The French are angry because they find that friendly countries hear that kind of things in good consultation.The point is that you can not talk about it. If the market gets through that a lot is trying to acquire a great interest, then acquisition rumors are popping up and shooting the course up. With one phone call to the fair, the French government could have made the purchase action fail or be much more expensive.

    The real problem, of course, is that the French believe that KLM has been acquired and is now a daughter of a French company.The Netherlands must accept that it is at its highest a junior partner and certainly can not exert power. With that purchase the Netherlands attacks the French hegemony. France argues that the Netherlands should not have agreed to the sale of KLM. Of course they are right. The importance of Schiphol was also known during the takeover.

    The French government believe that they have the sole right to determine just about anything.They think. So if another State decides what influence their possession has, or can have, then they become poisonous. Is A French tradition, does not give anything.

    That is because they are French .Benjamin Smith, the new boss at AirFrance-KLM wants to bring the two companies closer to another. In practice it comes down to the fact that KLM, just about the only one of the two that brings money in the last there, is going to be completely ge眉rsurpeerd by Air France, lamlaid by all those expressions of the French national hobby: strikes. Smith has also indicated this by making more decisions only in Paris instead of both airports. In principle, that would mean that Schiphol, a rather large airport and a hub of jeweler, would be subordinated to Orly or Charles De Gaulle. In terms of size, it was not that Schiphol and KLM were working much better than their French friends. Some people in the Dutch government saw the mood hanging, especially with the admission of Delta and China Air (or whatever) in the board and seized a few weeks ago with 12 -13% of the shares. Even if it was only to have the Dutch economy oh so important Schiphol retained its status. Now the French are angry with the Dutch. Why? Because they thought that the Dutch would go to the slaughter as a makke and would be completely subordinated to the French brethren, who, although larger, are certainly the weaker of the two. Plus It’s pure arrogance-KLM earned 4 times as much as Air France last year, but the French will always have a big beak.

    But yes, Smith sympathizes with the French, so the Dutch will do it again, as smaller countries are always going to do it, even if they do the veul better than their bigger but weaker brethren.To be honest, I always wondered why the name KLM wanted to go together with Air France. I have a sich niks against Air France-have often flown with it and the service is excellent (admittedly: the threshold was whether the stewardesses would speak the Brexit language); But the KLM is something of ourselves and they always did and do well, M.I. Moreover, I would not want to miss those beautiful light blue birds or exchanged for white.

    I am also a Frenchman but who lives in France and I agree 95% with C茅line.The French Government was almost obliged to show a rage reaction. Otherwise, she was strongly criticized by the politicians and trade unions. But I am not sure whether Minister Lemaire is so furious…

    The French pilot unions have brought Air France to the brink of bankruptcy… I can’t grieve about people who sometimes earn 15 000 鈧?per month and still demand salary increases… On the contrary, I think that only a non-Frenchman, here Ben Smith, is able to stop a conflict between French and Dutch… In the end, Air France has a lot to learn from KLM in terms of efficiency.This company still has a little vision of the years 60… When only 2% of the people could travel by airplane.

    It brings the incompetence of the French back to the front.If they are not on the stakes then they are busy with sacrificing customers.

    Because the French are lazy and like to benefit from the Dutch.AirFrance is a failing company because French do not have any work ethic and they want AirFrance to be able to parasitize the profits of KLM.

    When the Netherlands buys a share, we as a country have more to say about KLM and we can get this company that is a national pride from this financial cesspool and we can bury together AirFrance.

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