Why is the Church losing more and more members?

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First of all, a warm greeting regarding the reunion.

With the fruits that the Church produces, such as child abuse, it is no wonder that people leave the Church!By the way, the exodus from the Church was prophesied in the Bible 2,000 years ago. But I have to make a little bit of a point.

First, two hints:

when wild animals are used as emblems in the Bible, they represent political powers (cf.Daniel Chapters 7 and 8).

if the word “woman” (woman) is used as a symbol, the “religious community” (organization) represents.Example: the “Bride of Christ” (Revelation 21/2; cf. 2.Cor.11/2).

In Rev.17 an immoral woman is described sitting on a wild animal and bearing the name “Babylon the Great”.It thus represents all religions which exercise a dominant position over the political powers; the world empire of the wrong religion and this includes the Catholic Church!

In literal Babylon, the Euphrates was part of the fortifications.The emblematic Euphrates of Great Babylon is obviously their host of members.

and of this Euphrates it is said that it is dried up; so, figuratively speaking,

the exodus from the Church!

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Translation basis of the biblical quotations New World Translation

“Babylon the Great”; who or what is it?

Offb.17/1 (NW)……………. And one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke to me, saying, “Come, I will show you judgment over the great heure that sits on many waters.

Three great powers dominate the world: religion, politics, financial power

The political powers are represented by “wild animals” (Daniel chapters 7 and 8), which thus exclude the term “Babylon the Great”.

In literal Babylon, the wrong religion began.The tower buildings (Zikkurate) were temple towers and served to worship certain deities Lt. Brock=

house, for example, the moon god Nanna was venerated there according to archaeological finds.

The literal Babylon is thus a prophetic image for Great Babylon.The word meaning is “confusion”. This city fell 607 BC[1) according to the capture by the Persian conqueror Cyrus; the city was destroyed much later.The Babylonians would never have released the Jews; The Persians were religiously tolerant; for this reason, the captured Jews were able to return to their homeland. According to the fall of Babylon, the release of the Jews was possible.

The conquest was due to the fact that the Euphrates was derived on the orders of Cyrus, so that the Persians entered the interior of the city through the dry riverbed; the gates of the inner walls of the banks were unlocked, because the Babylonians lived in the idea that the city was impregnable.The city fell almost without a sword stroke.

Rev.17/5 (NW)…….And on her forehead was written a name, a secret, “Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Hu… and the heinous things of the earth”.

The term “H.u.r.e.r.e.i” is often used in the Bible in the religious sense, in the sense of contacting the wrong religion, e.g.:

Hes.16/16 (NW)……. But you began to trust in your beauty and become a prostitute because of your name and to pour out your acts of prostitution over every passing one; it became her.16 And you went to take some of your clothes and make you colorful heights, and you usually gave yourself up to them as prostitutes 鈥?such things don’t happen, and it shouldn’t happen.

Rev.17/6 (NW)…….And I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the witnesses ofJesus.

The servants of Babylon the great have persecuted again and again the servants of the true God; this began in Egypt and has continued to this day.

Rev.17/16 (NW)….. And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these shall hate the H.u.r.e, and shall destroy them, and make them naked, and shall devour their flesh pieces, and shall burn them completely with fire.

According to Daniel Chapter7 and 8, wild animals are emblematic of political powers.Their attack is therefore directed against religion. Religions have repeatedly interfered in politics and even sought to patronise it (riding on the wild beast[2); that is, it exercises a dominant power over the political powers; moreover, it was the cause of many wars.In their efforts at peace, UN delegates will therefore conclude that they are actually standing in the way of the peace process and decide to eliminate them and expose their historical deeds beforehand (“making them naked”).

When “women” are used as a symbol in the Bible, they are also compared to a city.And represent religious communities

Example 1 ) the Bride of Christ

2.Cor.11/2 (NW)……… For with godly zeal I am jealous for you; for I personally have promised you a husband for marriage, in order to present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

John 3/29 (NW)………….The bride has is the bridegroom.But when the friend of the bridegroom stands and hears him, he rejoices in the voice of the bridegroom. That is why my joy has become full.

21/2 (NW)…………

I also saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven from God, prepared like a bride adorned for her husband.

A group of Christians is thus referred to as the “Bride of Christ” and Christ as the “Bride groom”.At the same time, it is called a “city”.

Example 2 ) the Jerusalem above

Jes.54/1 (NW)…………… “Juble, you infertile, who did not gave birth!Be cheerful with cheers, and shout that you have no birth pains, because the sons of the members of the club are more numerous than the sons of the woman with a marital owner,” J.ehova said

Isaiah 54/5 (NW)……….For your great creator is your marital owner, Je.hova of hosts is his name; and the Holy One of Israel is your returner.The God of the whole earth will be called him . . .

Gal.4/26-27 (NW)………… The Jerusalem above, on the other hand, is free, and it is our mother.For it is written, “Be joyful, you infertile, who do not give birth; and cry out loud that you have no birth pain; for the sons of the lonely are more numerous than those of the man who has the man.

Since there is only the angelic flock besides God, the latter is called the symbolic “wife” of God; So is again a religious community; There is also no financial power..

Example 3 ) the Jewish people with the capital Jerusalem

Jer.3/8-9 (Egg)……… She also saw that I dismissed Israel, the apostates, because of her adultery and gave her the divorce certificate.But this did not deter her sister Judah, the unfaithful; she went and also fornicated. Through her reckless fornication, she desecrated the land and committed adultery with stone and wood.

Jer.2/1-3 (Egg) ……. The word of the Lord came to me: Up! Call Jerusalem aloud to the ear: Thus says the Lord: I am thinking of your faithfulness to oneanother: the love of your bride, as you have followed me in the wilderness, in the land without sowing. Holy possession was Israel to the Lord, the first fruits of his harvest. Those who ate it were guilty. Mischief came upon him, saying the Lord.

Here, literally Jerusalem is called the symbolic wife of God, also a religious community.

Thus, if “women” represent religious communities in the Bible, used as a symbol, then according to the rule “the Bible explains the Bible” Babylon is also a religious community; and since they are considered to be http://H.u.re is designated, it provides the World Empire of Fal= Religion presented.All the biblical passages mentioned also point in the same direction. That she sits on the wild beast shows her dominant position over the political powers.

The statements in Revelation Chapter 18 also point in the same direction.

Offb.18/9 (NW)………….And the kings of the earth, who committed with her Hur.rei, and lived in shameless luxury, shall weep, and smite upon them with sorrow, when they look at the smoke of their fire.

Rev.18/11 (NW)………… Even the travelling merchants of the earth weep and mourn for them, because there is no one left to buy their full stock.

Who mourns Babylon the Great?Financial power and political powers; thus, what is mourned by these powers – namely the elimination of “Babylon of the Great” – is the world kingdom of the false religion.

temporary power over the people of God

The river Euphrates formed in antiquity the northeastern border of the land that http://Jeho.va Abraham had promised (Genesis 15:18; Genesis 11:24).Apparently, the angels were held back at the border of the land or earthly field of activity given to them by God and prevented from fully absorbing the ministry that Jehov.a had provided for them. The Euphrates also played an important role in the city of Babylon, and after the conquest of Jerusalem in 607 BC, the Israelites there were “bound to the great river Euphrates”, that is, 70 years there in captivity (Psalm 137:1).

In 1919, the spiritual Israelites were also in a situation in which they were limited or, to a certain extent, “bound”; they felt unhappy and asked Jeh.ova for guidance.

Rev.9/14 (NW)……….say to the sixth angel who had the trumpet: “Loose the four angels bound by the great river Euphrates

The literal Euphrates flowed through Babylon and formed part of the fortifications with the walls; the symbolic “Euphrates” must therefore refer to Great Babylon;

The basic meaning of the Greek word reproduced here with “angel” is messenger”.The symbolic number 4 seems to indicate that they are organized in such a way that their effectiveness extends throughout the earth (Revelation 7:1; 20:8).

Fortunately, John can report: “And the four angels who were prepared for the hour were loosed. and the day and the month and the year to kill a third of the people” ( Revelation 9:15).

J.ehova has a schedule that he keeps to.These messengers have therefore been released as planned, precisely at the appointed time, to carry out the work entrusted to them, namely the work of witnessing God’s kingdom, including the message of judgment. This happened in the modern era of 1919. Therefore it can be said that this year Great Babylon lost the crippling power over the people of God, so fell.

The messengers of Jeho.vas “kill” by completely revealing that Christianity is spiritually dead.This has been done through public statements made public from 1922 鈥?and still are today 鈥?as well as by trumpet surges.

Rev.16/12 – (NW) Mr President, I would like to ……. And the sixth poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water dried up , that the way may be prepared for the kings of the sunrise.

Christianity is in a process ofdisintegration (church flight); this prepares the way for the intervention of Jehovah and His general Jesus Christ.

Call to escape

Offb.18/4 (NW)……….. And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Go out of her, my people, if you will not share with her in their sins, and if you will not receive a portion of their plagues.

But this flight would not be of much use if it did not lead to the protective hurdle of true religion.The same is recognizable by its characteristics, not by a tradition (cf. Mat.7/15-20; Mat.15/6; Mat.23/2).

This call shows the importance of accurate biblical knowledge; whoever does not realize that he is in the realm of Babylon of the Great is not motivated to flee.

Jehovah’s Witnesses therefore recognize their responsibility to help others recognize their religious position and to encourage them to act.Hence their worldwide preaching.

Atheism will serve to eliminate Babylon (Rev.17/16).”Babylon the Great” is the collective term for the world empire of the wrong religion!

LG H-P (variable)

[1) this date is composed as follows: 539 pZ conquest of Babylon; 537 pZ arrival of the Jews in the homeland; 70 years preceding desertification.The date appearing in the lexicons comes from the historian Berossos, who was born about 330 Bc.

[2) Wild animals are emblematic of political powers according to Daniel Chapters 7 and 8

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