Why is the AfD denying climate change?

I think the AfD is more in the opinion:

‘Of course, ecological issues must be given an above-average significance today, but at the same time their often far too high and one-sided point value in the attention and discourse ranking must be given the no less important socio-economic challenges that arise for modern life plans are finally being questioned offensively.In terms of psychological stability, income, social security or the search for sufficient opportunities for individual and social balance between work, family and self, there are also also hard limits with which the ‘People can’t cope so easily on their own.’ * H.-R. Vetter on CONSERVO – Or more simply, simply more sense of reality instead of hysteria.

I just found this – (unfortunately it’s hard, since everywhere almost the same text as in the left TIME, cheap propaganda “Weidel denies -It’s among researchers almost!!unanimously”, etc. , i.e. the messages are acquired from a pool and simply redistributed in the mainstream.

There are enough other voices from the professional world

Why the climate catastrophe is not happening

The Warming Oracle Thousands of scientists around the world work for the IPCC, the United Nations Climate Council.Its reports on the greenhouse effect and the causes of climate change are attracting worldwide attention – but also meet with criticism.

Net find

“Berlin 鈥?AfD group leader Alice Weidel has reiterated her doubts about man-made climate change.”I don’t deny that the Earth is warming, but I don’t think human influence is decisive,” Weidel told Die Welt (Thursday’s edition). “The whole climate agenda” is based on the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

This is “not a scientific organization, but a political one.””It’s all about lobbying policy,” he said. After the success of the Greens in the European elections, members of the AfD youth in Berlin had called for a change of course in their party’s climate policy.

Weidel rejected this: “The Greta campaign was undeniably successful in Germany with regard to the European elections.The Greens, in contrast to Greta’s home country of Sweden, have succeeded very well in jumping on this bandwagon. The AfD has not gone after this hype, because we think this is frivolous.”

However, Weidel called for “saving” use of “fossil fuels” as the offer was finite: “We need an energy policy agenda that leads to a sustainable energy mix.” Weidel added: “We need a round table that will bring together all the stakeholders involved: consumer representatives, tradesmen’s representatives, energy companies, politics and trade unions.” They would have to come up with a concept “how we will ensure energy security for the next 50 years”.(dts)

AfD’s small request to the German government


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