Why is software so cheap and is it even cheaper, while its development is one of the hardest and most sought after tasks?

It is true that unlike a bridge or a building (even though not simple tasks to build) There are many more parts in software and that there are also a lot of people who can/should work on it.

But software is then cheap because once it is developed by a lot of people can be used.So the costs are spread across millions of users.

The software industry does not do well because of copycats in the business of originality, one of the most correct observations is that many companies are going to build software on software whose ‘ idea ‘ not is a long fact. While coding is an art, the world is going to look at results, originality and evolution rather than knowledge and design of code.Less desktop software is bought because you can do it via ‘ internet ‘ and continue to crack software pirates. In the software industry it is true that, you may still be the best programmer, it is public who must see clear change of the programmer, not the programmer of his code.In the Cloud, more and more ideas are coming up, like e.g. loading an MP3 music file, and extracting audio frames until they are separated between vocals and instrumentals.This is a considerable challenge for the programmer and an ideal tool for the end user who would like to use it again in his own music. A tool like (phonicmind.com), YT to Mp4 was a few years ago also still very popular, less in use but more focused on business are online word processors, viritual management of machines etc.

Because just because programmers are in demand and write a lot of code (and publish source code, see Open Source-Wikipedia), the less there will be demands in the long term, but enough to fill the 30 years with jobs.

What has increased the last 10 years in the world of software?

  • Crystal, the programming language, is faster than Ruby framework.

And as easy as Python.

  • More technologies have been created to simplify software development
  • Thanks to GitHub, companies or individuals (private) can launch projects, test them in a safe environment and get feedback.
  • Existing programmers find their way into this tikd and make more and more macros and shortcuts
  • IoT
  • Programmers are going to protect applications from unassembling their software by outsiders.
  • ..
  • What has decreased in the software industry?

    • Many software operators have closed the doors or stopped updating their software.
    • Online word processors/interpreters such as collaborative coding and programming, Sharecode online have been discontinued because you can download simple programs for which you do not need the Internet
    • ..

    To put it briefly, there is little change to the wishes of the user and companies must respect this.

    Paul Sijbens’s answer explains how a small number of programs 芒 鈧劉 s, whose development each cost millions or billions, can still be inexpensive if you sell a billion copies.The development costs amount to only a small part of the price that the customer pays for it.

    We think that commercial software is often complex and has many features, but is hastily intertwined and full of programming errors.In recent years, the living Bugs, which programs 芒 鈧劉 s can crash, are overshadowed by exploits, in which evildoers go to extremes to bypass the protections of a system.

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