Why is peace on earth an illusion?

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Peace on earth will soon no longer be an illusion, for in the foreseeable future what Christians have been praying for for 2,000 years will become a reality according to Mat.6/10.


The Kingdom of God

What is all about a kingdom?


a king


his confidants (minister, cabinet)






a tenderness


the place of the seat of government


the living area of the subjects


the term of office (start, course, end)


the results of this government


Prayer for the Coming of the Kingdom


the kingdom was among men at that time, when Jesus Christ was the designated future ruler among them (Isaiah 9/6,7)


Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus and the angel who had appeared before him, declaring that he would inherit the throne of David and that his kingdom would have no end (as far as the effects were concerned).


the God-fearing man Simeon thanked Jehovah for allowing him to see the eight-year-old Jesus, the means of salvation, before his death


Daniel learns that the future ruler would have co-rulers


Jesus concludes the Kingdom covenant with his eleven faithful apostles


the thousand-year reign of the faithful with Jesus


why co-regents?

Christ has experienced perfect humanity, but not the incompleteness.Since a spirit person (angel) cannot put himself into the unvo.llkommensein of a mortal man, and therefore cannot accurately judge his motives, God has decided to make Jesus Christ available to a number of persons from the human family. to put. An act of loving consideration of Jehovah.

Acts 2/11-4 Offb.7/3,4

With the Geis.tpourd in the year 33 uZ Christ began to collect the probable members of his government and completed them before the beginning of the great Dran.gsal; 144,000 people are selected

Heb.10/12,13 (Mat.24/36)

the dominion of Jesus over the earth was not to begin at that time, but at the time set by Jehovah, about which even Jesus himself did not know at that time.

Acts 1/6.7 .

the Apostles were very interested in the beginning of his reign


with the seventh trumpet push the birth of the kingdom is announced


Christ is enthroned; the First World War breaks out; the first resurrection begins


the beginning of the kingdom is represented by a birth


at the time of the last world power, which came into contact with God’s people, the kingdom is established and subsequently eliminates all political empires


the devil is waiting for this birth


God protects the newly named king and his heavenly organization


Jesus Christ (in the heavens of the Archangel Michael) seizes power over the earth, and the first act of the newly appointed king is the cleansing of heaven by the downfall of Satan and his appendix to the earth.


Joy in heaven and a woe for the earth: the request from Mat.6/10 was fulfilled: Your will be done in heaven (Mat.6/10)


Also a description of the enthronement of Jesus and the immediate negative consequences for the earth

Notes from the Hebrew Scriptures (AT)

Jesus sits at the right hand of God and begins His dominion [1)

Ps.110/1-3 Jess.32/1-2

the Täu.schungsma.nnöver Sat.ans

the foundation of the League of Nations orUn

the second phase: The Court.

Mat.24/36 knows the time (then) only the father .

Start: the courtorder1.Thess. 5/1-3

Act 1: Elimination of the world empire of falsc.hen religion by the political powers: Rev.17/16

Act 2: Attack on the End-time people of God and God’s reaction:

Hes.(Ezech.) Chapters 38 and 39 Sach.2/12 Rev.16/16 Rev.19/19-21

3rd Act: Captivity of Satan for a thousand years


the third phase: the thousand years


Attack on God and defense and defense by them with God’s help (Ees.39/1-7)


clean-up work; Digging the Leic.hen and the elimination of weapons (Esent.39/8-13)


Creating homes for the reseers


the Resurrection will take place (in a certain order)

Job 14/14,15

God’s desire for his work

Acts 24/15

Resurrection of the Righteous and Unjust

John 6/40

God’s will for all Christ believers to be resurrected


Romans 6/7

Deceased are acquitted of sin


welcome the Risen Ones

John 11/24


Lazarus Sisters’ Faith in the Resurrection




plan and invest paradise, healings



teach the Risen Ones in true worship, who must then make their decision to submit to God’s Kingdom or not


old people – still young after the flesh – can reap curse




Children will no longer be born for death

The final examination

No one but Adam, Eve, and Jesus Christ have been plaid in the state of human perfection; therefore, http://Sat.an let go of his affliction; and he will be able to manage a number more people.These and http://Sat.an are then bese.itigt forever.(Genesis3/15 Rev.20/7-10)

The Strei.tfrage, the http://Sat.an concerning the dominion of God in the Garden of Eden – namely the questioning of the legality of God’s sovereignty – will thus be clarified forever and thus a precedent will be set, according to which every (theoretically possible) reb.ellion will be in the bud. can be used for the first time.

For ever, people of Paradise will rejoice, the works of http://Jehov.as to develop knowledge, to invent, to enjoy material things and to the who created people to share in his happiness

and thus the request in the Lord’s Prayer is fulfilled:

Your will be done on earth

But another question: Who do you think are the true followers of Jesus today?Those who surround each other in the http://Kri.eg or another group…..?Fifty years ago, I came to believe that it was Jeho.vas Zeu.gen.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are happy to help you understand the Bible free of charge as part of Bible reflections.

H/>P (variable)

[1 ) after his Ascension

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