Why is mathematics so hard?

Here are a few things I learned during my studies:

Not understanding something is normal.

Math is about understanding things.That is the final goal, not the starting point. Once you understand something, there’s just no reason to keep up with it. Even the greatest mathematician does not fully understand the problem he is currently working on. Otherwise it would be ready.

But many people don’t know that and think only they would feel like they don’t understand anything.

Then, of course, non-mathematicians are frustrated because they think it’s their own stupidity.And no one likes to feel stupid. But the truth is that they are not stupid. It’s just the norm that you don’t understand it.

But because of this frustration, they give up faster.So they never get the learning lessons they need to get good maths. The number of hours required is no higher than for other skills.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Since, as described above, you always work in uncertainty, you simply have to try things without knowing if they work.Inevitably, you have to make mistakes in order to move forward. In the beginning, it is also normal that you may not even notice that these were mistakes, and you may not even see it when you have been made aware of them. It’s something that everyone goes through when learning maths. Completely normal. The errors help you break down the problem of understanding into minor partial problems. Every mistake is a step forward.

Many may not see this, get frustrated by mistakes and lose their desire.This is a problem, especially at school. There, by awarding poor grades, it is learned that mistakes are bad. But that is absolutely not the case with learning.

Thinking with paper and pen

This point may sound like nonsense at first, but it is perhaps the most important point:

Much of math is about writing down his thoughts.Adding a problem correctly is often half the solution. Of course, you have to learn this writing first. You have to think and write at the same time. You can’t just do that. But once you have learned it, every piece of paper is a bit like Professor Dumbledore’s dencarium. Being able to do it always excites me. Thinking is no longer exhausting. Somehow the pen does all the work. I just write down what comes to mind and cut through what was wrong again!

I think it’s just a matter of practice and it takes a bit of dropping because at the beginning of writing you don’t have a clue what’s coming out in the end.But basically anyone could learn it. Is not more difficult from the skill than e.g. playing the piano. But with math, here’s the difficulty that many people don’t even know that writing down right is a skill to learn.

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