Why is love so irrational?

It is not irrational, at least not if one steps back down and looks at the bigger picture and realizes that it is very rational from a cultural, ethological and biological point of view.

Love is a very reasonable state created by evolution, which gives us the energy to reach out to potential partners and reduce the individual distance and then bind these partners to us, and then to ensure that the offspring are as healthy as possible. grows up and survives.Apart from that, it ensures that we make friends and start families, which is the basis of society, and thus the basic prerequisite for us to survive. That is why, although we are so physically weak, humans have become the dominant form of life on this planet. Through our intelligence we can manipulate the environment (e.g.: make tools out of stones) and communicate with each other, through love we can unite into effectively cooperating communities, organize ourselves and protect our offspring. and pull up.

For this, love often makes us behave irrationally from the outside, because when we are in love, the brain releases tons of neurotransmitters and hormones, which acts very much like a drug rush, and at the same time the brain then hides a lot of information. to focus on the goal.When we are in love, our brain mobilizes all energy to take the potential partner, making the entire behavior seem abnormal and irrational. But this behavior, seems irrational only at first glance – if you step back a few steps, you can see that this short-term irrational behavior, statistically speaking, achieves very reasonable goals in the long term. After all, breaking your heart a few times and starting a family for that, and then putting children into the world with the right partner, is a positive balance and therefore very reasonable from a biological point of view. This also ensures that you don’t arbitrarily mate with everyone, but tends to be just those who fit. We fall in love with people where our psyche finds that they are probably optimal for reproduction. Many subconscious things play a role, such as body odour, because we rarely consciously perceive and that tells our brains whether each other’s immune systems are compatible with ours, so that children as healthy as possible would emerge. However, we often cannot perceive such things with our consciousness, which is why it sometimes seems irrational which person we fall in love with – which of course it is not, because we simply do not know enough to explain the rational reasons of our subconscious to understand the choice of partner.

Self-sacrifice for love can also be reduced to logical mechanisms.Thus, from an evolutionary point of view, under certain circumstances that can be mathematically calculated, it makes sense for parents or siblings to sacrifice themselves out of love and die to save the life of another related individual. See: Price Equation – Wikipedia

And even if love were absolutely irrational, and all the ugly, rational and biological reasons were to be hidden, what difference would that make?Love is pretty much the most beautiful thing in this world, and beauty may be irrational, but without it, life would not be worth living.

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