Why is it that motorists often do not worry about using their flashing light?

That is a good question.

The flashing light indicates a direction change.

So not only for a bend, but also on the highway when changing roadway, and when in and out.

During driving exams, there is strict attention to the correct and careful use of flashing lights, as well as looking at crossings, keep distance on the front beam and adhere to the maximum speed.Also, phone calls in the car with a mobile phone in hand is not allowed, although this is not tested in the practical exam…

Anyone with a driving licence has passed that exam and knows what is, and especially not, allowed.However, there is a massive call with mobiles (a car-kit is allowed!), a lot is being driven too hard, too little distance is kept, there is often no good looking at crossings (only interference from the other motorist prevents accidents), and is massively Forget that flashing lights are not for the nice tan on the car.

It can be just antisocial behavior.It can also be a form of protest or anti-authoritarian behavior. It can be convenience. Or they may feel, that in their safety cage with Kreuk zone nothing can happen, and that the others on the road are careful. It can be an overestimation of its own driving ability, or it can be forgotten by using narcotics and/or alcohol vapors.

Whatever the reason, it is especially stupid and unclear for the other road users.

Use darn that flasher, folks!It’s not there for nothing, you’ve paid for it! In addition, it shows everyone what your intent is.

Ironically, the left flashing light is used by (asocial) Hardriders, who, in combination with light signals, want to indicate that they find the maximum speed but nonsense and are eager to pay a fine if they get caught Be.

Yet you hear correctly, if you ask agents after a stop sign for confirmation of that image, of that kind of driver shouts like: ‘ Go catch crooks anyway! ‘, while they are the crooks who endanger the lives of themselves and others… But they want or cannot understand.

A car is nothing more or less than a murder weapon and a driving license is a weapon license.Please remember that, when you get back into your car, people!

The short summary: Man is and remains a weird creature…

It does not interest them.You give direction for your fellow road user, not for yourself. That is the prevailing view. You are safe in your car.

You need to be a motorcyclist to really understand how important (especially timely) direction (in a car) is.

Cyclists are interested in some rain or nothing…….

Simply not be able to drive properly.If you can drive well, it is an act that goes without saying. It takes me more effort not to do it than to do it, because it has become an automatism.

There are 4 phases for each learning process:

1-you are unconsciously incapable.So you don’t know that you can’t do anything, like a baby who doesn’t know he or she can’t cycle yet.

2-you are consciously incapable.You know you can’t do something, on your first driving lesson for example.

3-After that you are consciously skilled.You can drive something, in this case, but you still have to think about it to perform well. This is the stage in which someone is doing a driving test.

4-unconscious able.You don’t have to think about it, it goes without saying. Like cycling, but also good driving.

People who do not indicate direction have come no further than Phase 3, and are incredibly lazy or antisocial or a combination of those two.

You can create as many rules as you want, if not checked…

The fine amounts to 鈧?5.For most people this is peanuts, swearing, watching for a while and then back to the old nonchalant habit, because the chance of being fined twice before is super small.

Not every driver is equally empathetic

Also nuances: you annoy you when someone does not blink once but the thousands that do blink are almost not noticed.I make it a point of honour to flash but very sometimes I’m “human”:) And you?

Supposing you blink 100000 times and 1 time you forget it.And just then you get a fine. What would your response be?

How could you make another-regular non-flashing driver, attentive to his antisocial driving behaviour, without creating an aggressive response.Horn, with the lights blink or the 4 winkers turn on should not???

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