Why is it so difficult for adults to lose a fat belly?

Finally something I understand.

I’m mature and I have a big belly.Comes from too much food and too little movement.

And I just don’t get rid of it. And yet it’s very simple: burn more calories than you record.Or vice versa, record less calories than you burn. That’s the whole trick: a little more exercise and/or a little less eating.

And the only thing that can be found in my case is insufficient willpower.That’s it.

Why that’s harder for me now that I’m older, has a few reasons.The most important: a call “Hey, I’m full”, gives my stomach at the same time as it used to be. Namely, if there is enough food in front of a guy who rides, runs stairs, often runs from one destination to another. Travelling with the public transport and going on the destination on foot.

I do all that, but only half as often, half as far and half as fast.My stomach apparently does not pass through. I do hear it, but my willpower is not enough to stop eating if I still have a good appetite.

I can’t make it nicer than that.

Why is it so difficult for adults to lose a fat belly?

As a woman who has remained seated after her two pregnancies with a thicker belly, I will try to give an explanation here.I myself have fallen reasonably off and train at a gym since 2.5 years. Unfortunately, the fat is easier to get rid of everywhere than from my belly, it remains persistent, whatever I do. Know your enemy is said, that’s why I started to delve into how that belly fat sticks together.

Let me help 1 big misunderstanding from the world, you cannot train targeted belly fat by doing a lot of abdominal muscle exercises.

The big difference between belly fat and plain fat is that belly fat consists largely of fat that contains catecholamine receptors that limit lipolysis.

Lipolysis -Wikipedia


Short explanation: Fat cells can contain 1 of 2 types of catecholamine receptors, namely Alpha or Beta receptors.

To make a long story short, Beta receptors accelerate lipolysis (fat burning) and Alpha receptors limit it.Belly fat contains many Alpha receptors and thus burned less easily.

However, it is indeed possible to burn belly fat, but that is only available if you combine your training with an adaptation in your eating pattern.

One of the most commonly used methods is to make sure you’re taking a little less calories than your body uses, ensuring that your muscle mass increases well because that means your average energy consumption of your body gets higher and that you Protein than carbohydrates.

What also helps well is periodic fasting.There is a lot to be found on the Internet. For example: Training on a sober stomach-healthblog

In short: After you have eaten, your insulin level in your blood goes up so that the nutrients are absorbed by the body.The insulin content continues to increase between 3 to 6 hours. The problem is that insulin blocks the lipolysis. In other words, your fat cells are not activated and your body uses the fuel you have just eaten. Since insulin remains active for 3 to 6 hours, an empty stomach does not warrant that insulin is active.

The best you can do so in the morning, before your breakfast, or in the evening if you have eaten no more than 6 hours before.Some people keep a period per day that they eat, and the rest of the day does not.

I wish everyone who wants his or her big belly to train away much success and perseverance.I’m still working on it and hope to see results soon.

Adults have stopped growing, therefore they burn less sugars and fat.For this reason more of these sugars and fats are stored in the body. Also often, your metabolism becomes slower as your parent gets.

Well, a diet is quite tricky for many because the predisposition for overweight is partly genetically determined and in addition also determined by the intestinal bacteria.Furthermore, it is also true that you are actually growing your entire life, but in the width and not in the length.

For the genetic aspect several studies have been done but the exact genetic factors are not yet known.However, the construction of overweight is an important survival strategy for organisms that regularly spend a hunger period. These include animals that have a hibernation or animals that need to survive harsh winters. But also residents on various islands like Hawaii where the original food supply of fruit is mostly seasonal. As there are so many genetic strategies to overcome a hunger period, there is therefore no simple mutation to be pointed out.

The second factor is the intestinal flora.Everything you eat is eventually digested within your gut system and the bacteria in your gut contribute to it by helping to digest certain nutrients. Your gut flora feeds on it and also gives back excess residue to your intestines and so it can be absorbed. For that reason, you need to be somewhat careful with penicillin and other antibiotics because your intestinal flora is also affected by it. If your gut flora is very efficient, however, you will get quite a lot of nutrients and so you need less nourishment.

Finally, there is the fact that your hips are mainly continuing to grow.The belt you wore around your 20th will no longer fit around your 50th, even though you have the same weight. Your hips will simply widen as you age. How much wider it depends on your diet and if you are overweight then its growth will go faster. (See Our Face bones Change Shape as We age and Big Fat Truth: Hip bones Widen With age) It doesn’t matter much if you have kept your whole life stable, but in the end it will yield extra centimeters in width.Which means that the circumference of your hip can be up to 10 centimeters longer around your 70th.

We really know but bar little about our bones, even though we can heal them well if there are problems with it.It has only been discovered that there are special blood vessels in our bones that actually keep the bone material alive! (See We’ve discovered a new type of blood vessel in our bones) And so there are many other things we haven’t discovered yet.After all, from the perspective of a microscope, the human body is extremely large.

But anyway, you keep growing in width, even though you have the same weight as before.This is also my own experience because I was disapproved for military service on my 18th due to overweight and length. I was 118 kilos and 194 CM long. I now weigh on my 52nd only 113 pounds and am still 194 CM long, but my belt from then on should now loosen a hole.

But I’m going to fall off further as I’ve ever sat against the 160 KG.I want to come down the 100 KG and I already notice that I’m quite thinner starting. My ribs get more shape, grease pads are disappearing and the dimple of my navel starts to become less deep. I can see the bottom of it nowadays! (And what’s underneath too!) But I have accepted that the belly is not going to disappear simply because it has stretched out everything.

But in terms of diet, I just started working very easily.Everything with a sweet taste is no longer eaten by me. Whether it is sugar-free or not, I eat nothing that tastes sweet. Because I’ve noticed that sweet flavors just make you hungry one day. And then you are going to eat more naturally. A lot of greasy food is quite good and I eat quite a lot of cheese. But eating fat is best healthy if it is unsaturated fats. The idea that you are fat is completely wrong! (See How eating fat makes you thin.-Eat the Butter, This Woman Lost 77 Pounds By Eating More Fat.Here’s How It Works. and How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science.)

The joke is that in the last few decades, doctors and dietitians thought the opposite and were going to advise against fats while carbohydrates were properly encouraged.As a result, the world population has been given an overweight epidemic. If we now mass leave the carbohydrates and eat more fat (without sweet taste, so no milkshakes!) then we could lose weight again!

Seriously!I eat cheese, bitterballs and croquettes, Shoarma and a lot of other fatty things with low carbohydrate and as I said, I once weighed against the 160 KG when I started and now only 113 and it subsides more and more.

The belly is still there, unfortunately.Belly fat seems to disappear only last. It’s more gone from my buttocks, thighs, arms and around my chest. But my navel is starting to come out nowadays so my belly is getting smaller!

As age increases, muscle mass gradually decreases and fat mass increases.This also causes a disruption of hormonal housekeeping. Too much belly fat is called visceral fat which is therefore dangerous because there is often too much to body fat. Grease around organs to much extent is threatening to health. Higher risk of cardiovascular disease higher risk of type 2 diabetes your liver may be affected and even more. Because of disrupted hormone balance, losing weight is becoming increasingly difficult. Muscle mass is largely responsible for the production of testosterone which is responsible for burning. Fast sugars or bad carbohydrates provide an insulin spike that drops within no time and therefore you get a fear of rain. Too much inside working and little burning. Hormones leptin and ghrelin provide signal delivery of hunger and satiety. However, if someone long enough ignores these signals as with overeating so eating until you are full and not until you have enough, these hormones will also become disturbed and no longer accurately indicate when you are really hungry and saturated. Your metabolic system may be affected by arouse testosterone with the after-dinner go hiking or light moving in place on the couch ploffing. When you excite testosterone, your body will digest. If you had a busy life and moved but you do not have to adjust your eating pattern ASAP because if you are used to getting an X number of kilocalories but your lifestyle demands from you no longer you have a great chance that you are increasing in fat mass which then accumulates In your belly. We eat from habit and trend and not because of survival. Because that is the only reason we should eat to live over. We overeat bad food and indeed little move. This from childhood and later we see the bad outcome of it.

Losing weight in general is quite simple: eating is energy and if you consume more energy than you absorb then you fall off. Now there are 2 reasons why this becomes harder when you are older.

  1. As you age, your metabolism slows down, making you need less energy so it becomes harder to keep lowering energy in.
  2. Once you thicken you make fat cells.

These fat cells are permanent, they can shrink but never go completely disappear. This is the reason that a lot of people lose weight and then get back thick. Because it is years too much fat that is stuck against your abdominal wall as a reserve, along with an enlarged stomach.If you do not adjust your eating and alcohol pattern, abdominal muscle exercise has little effect on it.

But I have a few tips that worked with me;

For a slimming result:

Start the day with a half-extruded lemon in a glass of water.

Drink a glass of buttermilk per day.

You don’t have to do anything about that.Fine huh!

To fall off much for good; Here is the roadmap.Buy a blender and the half vegetable farmer empty, drink two to three weeks only smoothies of vegetables, fruit and water, then combine with more solid food but no red meat, no cow cheese, only rye bread and no more than 3 glasses of alcohol per week;)

If you fall off, you become more active.Have fun!

Maybe because it lacks self-discipline?Try the following for a few weeks: do not eat in the morning, just drink water. Noon’s just eating things you like, preferably not too much but protein rich. Just Eat within a 5-hour block and drink outside of just water:-)

Appreciation for the honest answer from Frans (below) as ‘ matter expert ‘.Where I still want to add that eating in people’s need-hierarchy is still a step higher than sex. The will to eat is deeply anchored in our system and not easy to change.

As far as movement is concerned.Exercise works favorably because it stimulates your overall activity and lets you better experience what is happening in your body. If you just look at the amount of energy you burn, you’ll see that you have to move a lot to compensate for a slightly too large calorie intake. And then that feeling afterwards that you want to replenish the relative deficit in your body again….

I can’t make it any nicer than it is.

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