Why is it forbidden in Germany to deny the Holocaust?

Why is it forbidden in Germany (and in Europe) to question the official Holocaust narrative?

Answer: … In order not to jeopardize public peace

See: Article The German taboo.When it comes to the Holocaust, freedom of expression is restricted, because the Constitutional Court sees the Federal Republic as a counter-draft to the Nazi state. Those who deny this endanger public peace. , presented by the national German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) , Reinhard Müller, 27 January 2015

Why are the critics and dissenters of the official Holocaust narrative and climate change narrative “Holocaust” widely spread for decades denier ” or “Climate denier “Called?

See: Video presentation by Gerhard Wisnewski (*1959) German film writer, investigative investigative journalist, writer, The Climate Lie – “The Climate Religion”, presented by the false flag, YouTube Film, 1:27:15 duration, discontinued March 5, 2016

Branding critics and dissidents as “deniers” is a totalitarian measure that contradicts the idea of freedom and diversity.

Totalitarian mass murder according to the Maoist pattern of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) began with the motto “There is only one legitimate opinion”.

  • “The Holocaust is a successful historical invention.”
    Moishe Arye Friedman (*1972) American ultra-Orthodox Jew living in Belgium, anti-Zionist, allegedly chief rabbi of Vienna, Austria, quoted in: article, presented by the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, p. 7, December 2006

Answer to the question of freedom of speech on the EU Directive on Combating Racism and Xenophobia (2007)
See Laws Against Holocaust Denial

  • “A country is not a free country in which free speech is prevented by drastic penalties. The great Kant said of freedom of speech, that one must be able to talk about everything, true or untrue.

With the Holocaust may have been what will; I wasn’t there. But I’m not talking about it either because it’s forbidden. This must not be discussed, nor scientifically. The offence of “incitement of the people” prevents it. This is not a free country.”
Prof.Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider (*1940) German Professor of Public Law, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Lecture in Salzburg, Austria, March 2007, quoted in: Videoclip Prof K A Schachtschneider No freedom of speech at the Holocaust Salzburg, March 2007, YouTube Film, 1:50 minutes duration, discontinued August 28, 2012

  • “The critical joke drawings about the Prophet [Mohammed in the Paris-based satirical weekly “Charlie Hebdo” are insulting pranks.
  • None of these cartoons are funny. And they reveal a grotesque double standard when it comes to Muslims. In France, a Holocaust denier or someone who denies the Armenian genocide can be jailed for a year and fined 60,000 dollars. In France, it is a crime to mock the Holocaust in the same way that “Charlie Hebdo” mocked Islam.”
    Chris Hedges (*1956) American journalist, war correspondent, specializing in the politics and sociology of the USA and the Middle East, author, Pulitzer Prize winner, A Message From the Dispossessed US publicwebsite Truthdig, 11 January 2015

  • “Egypt is the real cradle of European culture, monotheistic religions tend to violence, the Holocaust becomes the religion of the future.” Inverview with Jan Assmann (*1938) German Egyptologist, religious scholar, cultural scholar, Emeritus of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, author, “There is no true religion”, presented by the German journal for philosophical, social, political and life-world topics Philosophy Magazine, host Wolfram Eilenberger and Svenja Flaßpöhler (*1975) German philosopher, journalist, author, issue no. 6, 2013
  • “As in the Soviet Union at the time, Jewish criminals in America used the “Holocaust” and the defamatory accusation of anti-Semitism as a shield to protect their criminal network and extortion business by intimidating and who dared to uncover the immense crimes in which they were involved.
  • A secret “combination” or a Zionist network was clearly at work, pulling the strings behind the scenes at the highest level.”
    Christopher Bollyn, American independent investigative journalist, 9/11 researcher, author, Solving 9-11.The Deception That Changed the World, Chapter VII “The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11”

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