Why is it deadly to breathe 100% of pure oxygen?

Several answers have already been given that 100% oxygen is lethal.

This is absolutely not true.In fact, if you go under anaesthetic, you will be given 80 – 100% oxygen in advance in order to have more reserve and therefore time in case of not being able to control the airway in emergencies. I am not going to go into this now.

The matter is the inhalation of partial higher oxygen tensions.So not so much the concentration, breakfast the offered tension. This is strongly present in divers, where the oxygen under high tension (depth compresses gas) can be toxic at 24 – 25%. Theoretically, this can also be done by the described pilots or on the IC for prolonged high pressure ventilation and increased oxygen concentrations.

Symptoms are OA confusion and epileptic seizures.

The mechanism is not fully known, but relates to the formation of free radicals: OH and NO which cause cell and DNA damage.

Oxygen Toxicity-Wikipedia

Oxygen is a very reactive substance.

At too high concentrations you become a kind of drunk, you don’t know well what you do.Even higher concentrations result in unconsciousness and possibly death. This has happened to some pilots of fighter aircraft, who have added extra oxygen to their mask manually because they have to be able to fly at very high altitude.

Divers sometimes work with elevated concentrations of oxygen.The other gases in air can become toxic at great depths or can accumulate in the body and pose a problem when returning to the surface. They should then follow additional training to learn to cope with the toxicity of oxygen.

Professional divers sometimes use 50% oxygen mixtures to spend a shorter time in a decompression space.This is only possible in very well controlled and maintained spaces.

100% pure oxygen does not, because then you burn your lungs.

But you can certainly breathe a high-procentig of oxygen gas.

Grtn, Stign

I do NOT believe deadly, not directly by inhalation.For example, in the first space tests with an Apollo capsule, 100% of oxygen was used, just as in previous space programmes. But… However, this was the crew of Apollo 1 fatal in a ground test: a spark caused a rapid ignition with that pure oxygen, and the 3 astronauts came around: See link Apollo 1-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oxygen is at a normal temperature and a pressure of about 1ATM at all not lethal for us to breathe it.Even in concentration higher than the normal 20% in air.

Oxygen becomes fatal at high air pressure or water pressure, such as in scuba diving.Also nitrogen is dangerous at these depths and is therefore replaced by Helium and a lower concentration of oxygen.The theory is a bit difficult to understand but it is according to Dalton’s Law on partial pressure. [SVP in the Internet search, too difficult to briefly Statement in the daily clinical activities, Oxygen is very dangerous in high concentrations for premature babies and in Hyperbaric high Oxygen therapy.

The effect is called Hyperoxia caused by over concentration of oxygen and a higher partial pressure of oxygen.Simple explained the inclusion of oxygen by higher concentration and at higher air pressure.Medical Sijmptomen are destruction V/d lungs alvioli, retina [eye hemorrhage and blindness because the cell membranes un our body are VERNIOETIGD. Usually the patients also get seizures. [Damaging the nervous system this is in short the danger of oxygen. To explain it medically or chemically is not easy to do one must study at least specialized in this box area. The side effects can be anything from heart to kidney damage.

Hazards and accidents have been seen in oxygen bars and scuba divers that sometimes use 100% oxygen in their tank.The use of higher oxygen concentration for a short period of time aims to prevent infections during surgery. It is therefore desirable that a well-trained person may use this type of Oxeygen Anaestetia. This process is called oxidative killing by Neutrophil.

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