Why is it almost impossible for some people to ask for help?

That is an excellent question!!!

People often refuse to ask for help.

Students will not ask their teachers to help them and people with psychological problems will refuse to visit a specialist. But why is this?

I will have the reasons in three main categories:

  • People do not accept their problems.

The first step to face a problem is to recognise it and accept that there is a problem. One reason someone chooses to neglect a problem is because he may believe that they will disappear by escaping them. This is of course not true and the problem will worsen and reemerge later.

  • People have a great ego.
  • Even if they recognize a problem, they will underestimate it and make it seem insignificant. They don’t want to admit that when a problem gets too much, they cannot solve it alone. Their ego is too big to allow them to think clearly and enforce this mindset to tackle each situation only, with no result of course.

  • The third and last reason why people do not ask for help is because society is problematic. People are judging those who ask for help.
  • They humiliate them. They call them weak and unable to do anything without help. For example, if someone hears that his colleague has visited a psychologist, they conclude that this colleague is most likely to have a very serious mental illness. This may not be the case everywhere, but it is true in most countries of the world. Therefore, people are ashamed of asking for help.

    Make the difference and be strong: ask for help when you need it, whatever it is. From homework to emotional support to something else.

    I myself am rather chronically bothered by people not asking for help.

    Not that I don’t trust others, but I quickly feel like I’m bothered by others. I’d rather look at how I loose something myself, which is just easier. It does make that, I would ask for help, it is a loaded question. As a result, that thought remains rather sticking, it is difficult to escape.

    On the other hand, at work I have no trouble with asking people for help.So if it’s for the business, it’s a lot easier if it’s for myself.

    With the question you can go all the way, for some it is that they are afraid to lose their dignity, they want to be strong and do not admit it.For them, they really need to be ‘ bankrupt ‘ to ask for help. Face loss is for them the main reason for not even asking for help. For example, I can mention a number of reasons not to want to suffer a loss of sight:

    • For the family, they don’t even discuss it until the partner finds out
    • Business.

    Because they are already so far they do not want to lose their customers and business partners

  • Family.
  • They want the clean appearances to cease, until they also get air from it.

  • Friends.
  • They keep up their play to avoid the failure

  • For themselves.
  • Finally, they only think of themselves until the canvas falls

    These are just some thoughts.Of course, every situation is different, to this is what I have seen around me. For myself, I draw on the bell sooner, but sometimes also late.

    This can have a lot of reasons, be proud, they are afraid, or they think they can do it themselves.

    Many people think that ‘ losing ‘ is asking for help.

    I think if you

    • Really need help
    • And people who you really know that they are helping you and that probably want to

    Then you are not strong but weak that you dare not ask.And you don’t give your best friends the chance to help you. They can be angry about that.

    So answer to why not ask?They are very strong, but are in fact weak.

    For most people, the pride is in the way.Asking for help is a sign of weakness. Even though it goes very discreetly through a professional.

    For my mother it was always so. She was simply completely independent and together with mine bandari we were very anxious that she would never want to go into a nursing home.

    She was always willing to help others but she never wanted to be helped.That was very bad for her health because she had big problems with her teeth and therefore she could not eat enough, but nobody knew it.

    Other people are totally dependent and they may be even more annoying!

    So are the people.A psychologist can explain that better but not change it.

    Pride stubbornness does not make sense in all the Sinie what comes to watch it is tricky to acknowledge that something is wrong

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