Why is humanity not making such important scientific discoveries or technological advances today as it has been in the last 200 years?

Alexej Gunda has mentioned here very nicely some important discoveries of the last years.This already shows that this suggestive question already starts from an unsustainable premise. The list could certainly be continued almost tirelessly.

This coginitive dissonance inherent in the question can, in my opinion, only be explained with a psychological effect.

The fact that important discoveries are being made right now, but that they are not yet being perceived in the mainstream, is simply that an important discovery is only recognized as such by the broad masses when they are present in large parts of the population. has enforced orbecomes visible.

Imagine the day bertha Benz’s first ride in 1888 with carl Benz’s patent motor car.The people who saw this rattling “hell car” for the first time, mostly thought at the time that it was witchcraft, and looked suspiciously at this monster. No one could have imagined that this car would establish the history of the automobile in a dimension that only slowly became apparent in the last century. The importance which would one day be attached to any invention is always really evident only in hindsight.

Also a fine example, the invention of the telescope or that of the microscope a few hundred years ago.On the day that such a device goes into operation for the first time, it is logically not yet known what can be discovered with these inventions. After all, the history books write themselves only afterwards and not before.

Now, please imagine what unthinkable inventions we could see in the next few years, based on new discoveries such as the Higgs boson, quantum distortion, or artificial intelligence.The list can be continued as desired.

If you feel that at a time when science is discovering more than ever before, believe that it is exactly the opposite, this can only be explained by a lack of imagination or illiterality.In other words, a purely operational effect, which is based on the psychology of the observer.

In fact, you can see in the following diagram that the number of scientific publications has increased dramatically in recent years.

Image source: https://www.researchgate.net/fig…

So the conclusion that so much is actually invented that you can no longer see the forest in front of trees is closer than your original assumption that simply no more great inventions are made.

Here are some groundbreaking discoveries from the last few years:

2019: Graphene as high temperature super conductor – Squeezed graphene becomes a superconductor – Physics World

2017: Millions of new fungi species found – (PDF) Fungal Diversity Revisited: 2.2 to 3.8 Million Species

2016: LIGO – Gravitational waves – LIGO Lab | Caltech | With

2012: LHC – Higgs boson – LHC – Large Hadron Collider

1980s: Li-ion battery – powers now almost every electric car, any mobile phone and every laptop – Lithium-ion battery – Wikipedia

I would like to invite you to add this list of your top favorites of inventions and discoveries.

Have fun!

And always remember, just because something doesn’t fit in your head doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist out there..)

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