Why is Germany not paying off all its debts?

Why is Germany not paying off all its debts?

Oh, that’s a question…..
I have to get a lot out of it, it’s going to be a little longer…

Capitalism is like a religion.
The people of the West have long since lost faith in everything.
Except for one:
That the capitalist method of economics works.

One can also believe in the Easter Bunny again.
You don’t have to understand that, you don’t have to prove it, you just have to believe it.
And the gods are:
growth and productivity.
There is nothing to be said against this!

Eeeeeeeternal growth!great.
Productive:As fewer and fewer people work shorter and shorter hours,
produce more and more!Ever higher, faster, further.
Where did people get this from?But not from nature!

E.g. a lion.He catches the antelope, eats until he is full and lays down in the
Sun and sleep until he is hungry again.
He doesn’t catch 4 antelopes and says: Cool, tomorrow I have free!
The lion is not stupid!He didn’t study business administration. :-))
Unlike the BWLer, the lion knows that he cannot make it free tomorrow.
Then he has to build a refrigerator so that the other three antelopes remain fresh
The next day he can’t clear up either, because then he has to take care of electricity to operate the refrigerator.Then he has to build a house around it, the whole thing has to be guarded so that in the end the lion never has time to lie in the sun and just say:
Boah, that was delicious, tomorrow I’ll catch another one.

Only the person who already has everything can be persuaded that he has to hunt 4 antelopes every day so that he can afford the latest refrigerator model every year.
Because that’s how it works.Today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today.
This is capitalism:
You buy stuff you don’t need, from money you don’t have
to impress people you can’t suffer!

A vicious circle!Or hamster wheel!

So, and we are the model for Europe and the world.They all have to
become like us.
We are export world champions.So if ALL countries export more than they import, then all problems are solved. or?
Yes, it’s just a religion.You have to believe in it. Also to the prejudices.

The German is diligent and in southern Europe everyone is lazy.
The Sarazin explained this correctly.In southern Europe, everyone is already coming with the
Hammock to the world!
The German comes into the world and immediately starts to build something up!
Is what breaks it heal again.And when nothing is broken, he breaks it so that he has something to build.
And when others are in need, people in Germany are called: Can you just pay?
We are the social welfare office of the world.Says PEGIDA! And the AfD!

Yes, of course, I know that these are not all Nazis!
Some are even just stubborn hollow heads!
We Germans are the only ones in the world who are diligent.
Moment.The WEST-Germans of course only!When the wall was opened, the “Zonis” were just as blasphemed as they are today about Greeks, Spaniards and asylum seekers!
The Wall made us rich in Germany!

We were a high-wage country and the wall kept the cheap labour off our necks but let the cheap imports through.super!
AND we could still be morally outraged!awesome! A win-win-win situation.
AND, the wall was put to us for free.The Hammer!

When the operating company of the Wall, the GDR, got into trouble in 1983, STRAUSS — 1.5 billion credit!That’s another six years. So, very well managed!!

If you send 1.5 billion to Greece, it will evaporate along the way!

Anyway, capitalism is like playing lottery!
It can make everyone a millionaire but not everyone.
But the intellectual difference between EVERY and ALL
is not comprehensible to everyone.

We are now number one in Europe again:
This is the largest low-wage sector in Europe.
Competitiveness is the magic word.
If you have enough people who can’t live off their work, you’re competitive today.
What we once had was not feasible for all Germans.
And certainly not for all Europeans.
And not at all for the whole world.

Eternal growth!But first the raw materials have to be there for them.

Where is this going to come from?What one digs out of the earth is no longer there and at some point all!
The old G7 countries, that was less than 800 million people, have consumed 40% of the world’s raw materials for years.
The Chinese already have 1.4 billion inhabitants, India has a billion, but it is growing faster than China, so they will soon catch up!

If the Chinese carry on as they have done for the past 10 years, China will soon need at least 40% of all raw materials.And the Indians in a few years also, 40% of all raw materials.
Because they all want our standard of living.
We old G7 countries still need 40% of raw materials…

Even for people with dyscalculia, it’s getting a little tight now!!

And while our economists are trying to divide the cake into 3 x 40%, the remaining 4 billion people say:
“Uh, what are we getting?”
And these 4 billion include 24 countries that are NOT part of the G7
but are in the EU!

So what are we doing now?
Do the rich Germans share with the poor in Germany?
Does rich Germany share with poor countries in Europe?
Does rich Europe share with the world’s poor countries?
Or are we completely shutting ourselves off?

And there is only one party with a clear opinion: the AfD!

AfD = Monkeys for D-Mark

They are in favour of foreclosure!
We go to the castle and pull up the drawbridge and everything is beautiful.
Monoculture and incest has always been very successful!
The AfD claims to represent the interests of the workers.
Yes of course!!The old leader of the AfD, the Lucke, said in 2008 during the financial crisis:
” We must LOWER the wages of the workers in order to
financial crisis!”
Does the worker know that?No, of course not, he only reads BILD!

Is the AfD now A-Germanist?No, because then they would be socialists.
What the AfD is promoting is national neo-capitalism!A mixture of FDP and NPD! The worst of both!
“We need the strong D-Mark again”!Such a shit!

We are EXPORT Nation!

Who can remember?A few years ago, what did Switzerland have for RIESEN problems with its strong franc?
But we need a STARKE D-Mark!H枚, H枚, H枚….
The AfD refuses to take part in reality, even as a guest!

Fortress Europe.Aha, so we are building a new wall!
So in the future we will shoot at those who want to come in and no longer want to get out.
Hopefully we can retrain the old wall shooters of the GDR in time!

The debt and financial crisis can be solved with a stroke of the pen.
It is not “real” money!It’s just “book money”!
But the raw material problem is not so easy to solve!

Money, what is money?Just a fantasy!

Every GLAUBT it can buy buns tomorrow for money!
There has been faith before.
And when the baker says:
“I find printed paper stupid.I don’t want money, I want your Rolex?”
And you say, “I’ve already given it to the butcher!”
Says the baker: “Then you have to eat the sausage without bread!”

Everything already happens in Germany.Money can lose its value overnight.
And what is debt?
The debt of one is the property of the other.

Capitalism is not interested in people understanding the financial system.
As it says: “We live at the expense of future generations.”
That is nonsense!The rich man inherits his wealth to the next generation
and the poor man inherits his debts to the next generation.

Because debt and wealth are ALWAYS the same worldwide!

It must be clear: banks create money!Not the National Banks.
Banks are just not allowed to print it.Don’t need them either!
Your neighbour pays 1,000 euros and you borrow 10,000 euros.
Where do the other 9,000 euros come from?THERE IS NO SUCH WAY!
These are transferred from the National Bank via books (borrowings).

The bank lends money that it does not have!She only writes it in the books.
The money is “rallied”! So you sign that you will pay back 10,000 euros plus interest in one year!But of course in REAL money that you have made.
How perverse is that?If you come now in a year and say:
Sorry, didn’t work out, I can’t pay!Then the bank does not say:
No matter, it was just book money anyway!
No, they’ll take your house away from you.Then YOU’re gone.
Otherwise, the bank would be gone.
And that is not possible, because the bank is, after all, “system relevant!”

So what does the bank do?She now lends you 11,000 euros, of which you pay back the 10,000, plus interest.
In a year’s time, the bank says:
What about the 11,000 euros?You say, what’s the point?
I’ve never seen them.OK, now you get 12,000 euros and the balance sheet of the bank is increasing!
Still, only book money!
We Germans have never paid back our debts.

After all, the whole system would collapse.After all, if we no longer have debts, where will the interest come from?

You want 4% return from life insurance.Society does not put the money in the safe so that it can multiply by popping, but must find someone who borrows it for 7%!

And now it comes:
40% of everything that is worked out in Germany is distributed in the form of interest and dividends to the 10% of the richest.
If we had the interest rates and dividends of the last 10 years, Germany would have no problems at all!
If this were to be moved in in the next 10 years, Germany would be completely rehabilitated!


And don’t let any shit tell you.It is NOT a question of taxing the sourly earned wealth of the Germans. We are talking about people with a BAR fortune of 1 million euros upwards! You can’t save that with honest work.
Unless the small savings bank employee lives in the forest.

If a reader is affected and complains,
I find SOFORT someone who exchanges with you!

I am talking here about REAL wealth that is growing, WITHOUT doing anything about it.

The problem is that in our democracy you do not get a majority for decisions that would benefit 80% of the citizens.
We only get majorities for the 10% of the people who benefit from it.
How do our parties do this?How do the 80% of voters get to vote for the advantage of the richest 10%?

Well, with a trick.
The parties have been telling people for 40 years that there is no other way.Alternativeless!!
And that benefits everyone.That’s what you’re going to be one of the better earners at some point. We just have to make an effort. Toi, toi, toi….
And they make us vote against our own interests.
Without a wall, without Stasi, without a shooting order.
The Honecker would have to rotate in the grave if he sees that it can be done without!

Well, am I right about all of this?
Well, it’s definitely my opinion.
My favorite phrase of politicians, in this case, Pofalla:
“Social is what creates work!”
So when I put a baseball bat on the pofalla’s mouth,
creates a lot of work in the hospital.guaranteed!

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