Why is Dutch so hard to learn?

I think it is not obvious that Dutch is so difficult — this question is too broad!

First, the question is what the starting point is. In terms of structure, Dutch is a fairly normal Indo-European, Germanic language.People who learn from Swedish or German get it pretty quickly in my experience. But from a Chinese or Arabic it is very different and therefore difficult (try to explain when you have to talk about ‘ the ‘ subject instead of ‘ a ‘ subject, and think Then you have to make this choice a few times per sentence in Dutch! For connoisseurs of other Western European languages, this is not a problem, but if you start from Russian or Japanese.

The other is that language has a number of aspects.For example, Dutch spelling is more difficult than Italian but easier than English. The amount of words comes along. In my experience, the two hardest things in Dutch (for a speaker of another Indo-European language)

  1. Ruling.

Dutch has vowels that are relatively different and some consonants (especially the infamous ‘ G ‘ but also ‘ r ‘ and ‘ W ‘) that are really difficult to pronounce quickly and consistently.

  • Expressions.
  • Dutch does not have as many words as English or French but also uses a lot of separate expressions that are not self-evident! So for example ‘ I keep you in the holes ‘ does not mean that someone is putting you captive… There are thousands of similar statements that can be very confusing…

    In addition, it is also a fact that a foreigner often comes across French, Spanish or (especially) English before starting it.With Dutch This is certainly not so automatic.

    Because you have little opportunity to practice it because mederworkers in the Amsterdam Horeca are in English when you ask a question in Dutch.So you have to make the effort to move you outside of the Amsterdam Horeca.

    Because the “onion” sound is difficult to pronounce.

    Furthermore, it is a relatively easy language.

    I find this a silly question.What research has you brought to that view? For a foreigner, the structure is Dutch (much) easier than German or Russian, but no one ever complains about the difficulty of those languages.

    Moreover, it took me more effort to learn English and German, not to mention French, then Dutch, so it cannot be so difficult.

    It’s not hard to learn at all.

    That totally depends on your background. I think many people find the verdict difficult.As far as spelling and grammar are concerned, it is much more easy to learn than English, French or German. The spelling is consistent and phonetically. Grammar is relatively simple. Someone who learned only one of the above languages would not find any difficulties with Dutch. Especially the problems that students find that teach English do not exist in Dutch. English is my mother tongue and I have a lot of sympathy for those who need to learn English as a second language. It must be a tough task.

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