Why is conservatism so unpopular in Germany? What is so bad about trying to hold on to good values?

Conservatism is not unpopular in Germany.

On the contrary, Germany has been dominated by the conservatives since 1945, as can be seen in the stable leadership of the Union.

Germany is in this order

  1. conservative (CDU/CSU)
  2. Social Democrat (SPD/Left)
  3. liberal (Greens/FDP)

It must be stressed here that these three priorities are not mutually exclusive.Just over a third of the Greens, if not more, are also very conservative. They call themselves the “value conservative wing” of the Greens.

The same applies to the FDP, which has its focus on keeping the state out of the economy, but if you do not discuss its core issues, they also quickly show themselves to be conservative.

I may not agree on every point, but there is a relatively broad consensus in Germany on issues such as:

  • Should there be health insurance?

-> yes

  • Should a German be free to choose his or her job?
  • -> yes

  • Should we reintroduce the monarchy?
  • -> no

  • Was the NSDAP ok after all?
  • – NO

  • Is family important?
  • -> yes

  • Is Capitalism Better Than Communism?
  • -> yes

  • Is free market economy better than a social market economy?
  • -> no

  • Should we examine asylum applications or deport people unchecked?
  • -> check

  • Should we fish people out of the sea when we see them or let them drown?
  • -> fish out

  • Was the Enlightenment a mainly positive influence on Europe?
  • -> yes

  • Should we conquer a few areas in Africa as colonies?
  • -> NO

  • Should we war with .. !NO!
  • We do not really discuss whether we want to be conservative, social or liberal, but only to what extent and on what question.

    We have recently had a new party that likes to stylize itself as conservative and is quite unpopular with the rest of the population.

    But that’s because they don’t want to keep it, they want to turn back the clock.Germany is conservative, in the sense of a somewhat skewered cosy coffee gossip, so towards “Haus am See” by Peter Fox.

    But the position taken by the new party is more of a glorified nostalgic, earlier-was-everything-better approach with a lot of intra-party irreconcilable contrasts, for example between radical neoliberals who want to abolish the welfare state and national-socialist elements that make the welfare state only for “bio-Germans”, i.e. pure.. so the only thing they haven’t explicitly said is the word “Aryan.”

    Lately, the liberal side of Germany has had to suffer heavily.Because of the panic fear to be among the 0.x percent of terror victims in the crime statistics. This has now been reflected in a strengthening of green and yellow. People, if I interpret this correctly, are not happy how many cuts of black and red have been made into their freedoms.

    There is nothing wrong with holding on to good things.For example, I myself am very conservative about the culture of remembrance, which is good, I want to preserve it.

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