Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of as an adult?

As has already been said, a person’s physique is genetic.Unfortunately, in today’s society, a thick belly is frowned upon. Why, in fact? It is said to be at increased health risk. But this is also possible without (or with less) belly. Only in another form. I know some thin people who can eat like a barn harvester and still don’t increase. So it doesn’t have to be just about food.

The human body is designed to heal itself.The problem of illness lies in a disturbance of bodily functions. This has nothing to do with what we eat.

It is important for the person concerned to reflect on whether one’s own abdominal fat is really as bad as one thinks.Some standards are deliberately restricted by institutes, so that as many women and men as possible feel invited to do something about their “extraordinary” measures. (With the result that the banknotes end up in the coffers of these institutions in detours).

Someone who is extremely overweight will have difficulty taking weight.For many, extreme obesity is even a result of many failed weight loss attempts. The saying “He/she has eaten himself” is outdated! Who takes away the right to judge when something is “too much”? The result is feelings of guilt on the part of the person concerned, followed by resignation and self-sacrifice. People are quick to judge others, but that doesn’t help anyone.

Basically, it is very few people who manage to lose weight with a lot of discipline and even less who can keep their weight permanently.

In addition, many try to get rid of their fat by all means.You constantly put yourself on the scales and try with all your might to implement or maintain different diets and to exercise. Just to have the pounds again at some point, which you got rid of with a lot of effort! Added to this is the pressure of society and of what one makes for oneself. A bad conscience for every fries you eat. Many can no longer enjoy life and all thoughts revolve around the belly. But this is exactly what promotes abdominal growth. Because you are not clean with your own body.

An as yet unmentioned cause of abdominal fat, which I think is even more serious, is stress in all forms.Due to stress, the cortisone level rises, after which blood sugar increases. The hormone insulin is released to lower blood sugar, which, incidentally, causes sudden cravings. Stress is also primarily responsible for many other diseases (stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, etc.). Internal diseases in particular are often linked to many factors. Nutrition plays only a small role in this.

To say: “Then do something about the stress” is the next problem.In a society where you are constantly under pressure, it is all the more difficult to escape stress. Few manage to do so with the help of autogenous training, yoga or progressive muscle relaxation etc. to actually free themselves from stress. All these methods work only for the moment and must be applied again and again.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to succeed.All the ways that exist will only work if you align your whole life with it.

Those who are extremely overweight need help.That’s clear. Otherwise, I recommend accepting the body as it is. This reduces the pressure you put on yourself and sometimes the belly suddenly becomes smaller by itself because you leave the body to yourself. Because the body needs nothing else.

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